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Apple Trees

Apple trees require a pollinator to produce fruit. For adequate pollination, purchase trees that bloom at the same time or near the same time. Never pair an early bloomer with a late bloomer.


Malus ‘MN 447’—A unique novelty apple for a special nich. It’s extremely cold hardy, small in size, with an unusual appearance and flavor. Frostbite, great for desserts or cider, offers a distinctive late season option. Fruit is 2 ½ inches in diameter. Late September to Mid October. Blooms mid to late season. 

ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Crisp and very sweet.

Malus ‘Goodland’—Medium-sized fruit is especially good for baking. Flesh is crisp, juicy, tender and aromatic. Fruit has a short storage life. This variety is very hardy and has had success in zone 2b! Blooms mid season.

ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Good for baking, Crisp Fruit.

Malus ‘Lautz’—Medium-sized red fruit has a nice firm juicy flesh that’s very tart. This apple is great for pie, sauce, freezing, fresh eating and baking. Bears fruit the first year. Extremely hardy and fire blight resistant. Keeps well. Blooms late season.

ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Tart, all purpose, good keeper

Malus ‘Haralson’--Attractive bright red medium-sized fruit has a crisp, juicy tart flavor. Ideal for pie, sauce, freezing, fresh eating and baking. Very hardy and often bears fruit The first year. Ripens in early October and has good storage ability. Blooms late season.

ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Excellent all purpose apple

Malus ‘Honeycrisp’—Medium-sized red apple that is exceptionally crisp, sweet and juicy, making it a must for any home or orchard. Its fine texture makes it great for fresh eating. Ripens in late September to early October. Can be stored up to 7 months. Blooms mid season.

ZONE: 4          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Crisp, sweet, juicy, good keeper

Malus ‘Honeygold’—Medium to large sized golden to yellow green in color with an attractive bronze to red blush. Crisp juicy yellow flesh and delicious flavor make it great for pie, fresh eating, sauce and freezing. Ripens in early October. Stores well. Blooms mid season.

ZONE: 4          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Nice color, crisp, late season

Malus ‘Norland’—Good quality medium sized red fruit. Sweet flavor and soft texture makes it a good apple for cooking and eating. Very hardy variety that bears fruit
annually. Fruit should be picked before full maturity for storage and use. Ripens in late August. Blooms early season.


ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Best for cooking and sauce

Prairie Magic
Malus ‘Jefdale – Flowers mid season. Fruit has crisp, white, and sweet flesh. Delicious eaten out of hand and may also be used for cooking. Ripens in Mid September. Good Keeper. Blooms mid season.

ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Superior cold hardiness

State Fair
Malus ‘State Fair’—Bright red striped medium-sized apple with yellow flesh that’s juicy, of good texture, and tart to sweet. This all purpose apple is good for both eating and cooking. One of the best early apples for northern growers. Ripens in late August. Blooms mid season.

ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Early ripening, good all purpose 

Sweet Sixteen
Malus ‘Sweet Sixteen’—Flowers mid season. Beautiful dark red medium to large size fruit that has juicy yellow flesh, unusual aromatic flavor, good texture and very sweet. An excellent pie, sauce and dessert apple. Resistant to fire blight. Ripens in mid September. Stores well. Blooms early season.

ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Unique flavor, good texture

Yellow Transparent

Malus 'Yellow Transparent'— Skin is clear yellow and the flesh is white. Precocious and productive tree. Best used for cooking. Pick before maturity for better storage life. Scab resistant. Blooms early season.


ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Heavy Producer

Malus ‘Wodarz’— Considered to be one of the hardier apples. Fruit is uneven shaped and has yellow to green skin with a pink blush ripening in late September to early October. Flesh is white, firm, and sweet. Vigorous apple. Blooms mid season.


ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Full Sun          FEATURES: Good for eating & cooking

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