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Crab Apples

If blooming at the same time, crab apple trees may pollinate apple trees. 


Malus ‘Chestnut Crab’—this hardy crab apple 2” in diameter, blooms in mid-May and has large fruit with an outstanding nut-like flavor and good texture. The apples ripen in early September and are excellent for fresh eating.


ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun           FEATURES: Large, excellent flavored fruit.


Malus ‘Centennial’—An excellent hardy crab apple with 1 ¾” to 2” red over orange fruit. Flesh is yellow, crisp and juicy. Excellent variety for fresh eating, jelly and sauce. Bears fruit every other year. Ripens in late summer to early fall.


ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun           FEATURES: Bears every other year


All flowering crabs have small fruit. Some are good for jellies, but are mostly enjoyed by birds. If blooming at the same time, flowering crabs will pollinate apple trees.


Malus ‘Dolgo’—A beautiful crab tree that forms an open, wide-spreading shape with large white flowers that bloom early in the season. Very ornamental. Delicious, fine flavor jellies can be made from the brilliant crimson fruit. 


HEIGHT: 35-40’   SPREAD: 25-30’

ZONES: 2-7           LIGHT: Full Sun           FEATURES: White flowers, edible fruit.   

Pink Spires

Malus ‘Pink Spires’—Ideal for a confined screen or border planting, this excellent rosy bloom crab was selected by W. L. Kerr, Canada Department of Agriculture, Sutherland, Saskatchewan. Foliage is red-purple in spring turning to green-bronze in summer, and copper in fall.  


HEIGHT: 15-20’   SPREAD: 12’

ZONES: 2-7           LIGHT: Full Sun           FEATURES: Pale pink flowers

Red Splendor

Malus ‘Red Splendor’—The large, open form of this tree is filled with single pink blossoms in spring and covered in fall with small bright red fruit that persist through the winter.The disease resistant foliage is a glossy reddish-green.


HEIGHT: 20-25’   SPREAD: 20’

ZONES: 3-7           LIGHT: Full Sun           FEATURES: Unique foliage color


Malus ‘Royalty’—Outstanding variety with single, dark red blossoms in spring that produce large, dark red fruit in the fall. The new foliage is reddish aging to a shiny purple with a green undercast and then orange in the fall.


HEIGHT: 18-20’   SPREAD: 20’

ZONES: 3-7           LIGHT: Full Sun           FEATURES: Dark red blossoms

Ruby Tears

Malus ‘Bailears’—Natural weeping form with burgundy green foliage. Pink flowers cover branches each spring. Forms attractive red fruits.


HEIGHT: 8-10’   SPREAD: 12-15’

ZONES: 4-7           LIGHT: Full Sun           FEATURES: Unique weeping form

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