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Evergreen Shrubs

Arborvitae Woodword Globe
Thuja occidentalis 'Woodwardii' -- Rich green. Retains its globe shape without trimming. Good in full sun or light shade.

HT: 3-5'            SPREAD: 3-5'       ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun to Part Shade      

FEATURES: Rich green foliage

Arborvitae Pyramid
Thuja occidentalis 'Pyramidalis' -- A fast growing, hardy, narrow, cone-shaped evergreen. Bright green, soft foliage. Shape easily maintained by minimal trimming.


HT: 12-25'        SPREAD: 3-8'       ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Part Sun                              

FEATURES: Bright Green

Cypress Russian
Microbiota decussata—A dwarf, densely branched evergreen with low spreading form and foliage that resembles Arborvitae. Bright green summer color turning bronze in winter. Grows in both full sun and full shade. Hardy to –40 degrees F.


HT: 12"            SPREAD: 3-4'       ZONE: 2           LIGHT: Sun to Shade                      

FEATURES: Extremely hardy

Juniper Blue Arrow
Juniperus virginiana 'Blue Arrow’— An improved selection with tight, bright blue foliage and a very narrow, upright form. Perfect as a tall, narrow screens where space is limited. Makes a colorful addition to the garden. .

HT: 12-15'       SPREAD: 2'         ZONE: 4           LIGHT: Full Sun                               

FEATURES: Drought tolerant

Juniper Blue Chip
Juniperus horizontalis ‘Blue Chip’— A prostrate Juniper that maintains an outstanding blue color all season. Best in sun or light shade. Compact growth habit that needs little shearing.


HT: 8-10"         SPREAD: 3-5'       ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                              

FEATURES: Brilliant Blue Foliage

Juniper Copper Delight
Juniperus communis var. depressa 'ReeDak' -- Dense, slightly mounded evergreen provides color interest year round. Attractive, light green foliage in summer transitions to coppery-bronze in fall. Great as a ground cover. 


HT: 12-15"       SPREAD: 4-5'       ZONE: 2           LIGHT: Full Sun                               

FEATURES: Drought tolerant

Juniper Daub's Frosted
Juniperus chinensis 'Daub's Frosted' -- Golden yellow, frosted foliage tips create a striking contrast with the pendulous, blue green mature foliage. A good selection for mass plantings or a groundcover for hot, dry banks. 


HT: 15"            SPREAD: 5'         ZONE: 4           LIGHT: Full Sun                               

FEATURES: Low maintenance

Spruce Bird's Nest
Picea abies 'Nidiformis' -- A beautiful dwarf spruce, broad, dense and slow growing. Light green foliage on spreading branches rises up slightly with nodding tips.


HT: 3'               SPREAD: 2-3'       ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                               

FEATURES: Use in rock gardens

Spruce Blue Fat Albert
Picea pungens 'Fat Albert' -- A truly blue spruce, this grafted variety is slow-growing and ideal for situations where you would like a spruce that doesn't ultimately reach 60' in height! 'Fat Albert' has a naturally straight leader and well-shaped form, even as a young tree and requires no staking or training.


HT: 15'             SPREAD: 8-10'       ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                               

FEATURES: Short spruce

Spruce Blue Globe
Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' -- Compact, rounded to mound shaped with beautiful blue foliage. Valuable as an accent or specimen plant. Very slow growth.


HT: 3-5'            SPREAD: 5-6'        ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                               

FEATURES: Compact 

Yew Taxus Taunton
Taxus x media 'Tauntoni' -- This spreading evergreen has short dark needles and is very hardy. Taunton has excellent resistance to wind burn. Grows well in both sun or shade and is very popular as an accent, specimen or foundation plant.


HT: 3-4'            SPREAD: 4-6'        ZONE: 4           LIGHT: Part Sun                              


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