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Evergreen Trees

Spruce Black Hills
Shapely "Christmas tree" type evergreen, with short, blue-green needles. Shears easily. Best in full sun, but tolerates light shade.


HEIGHT: 35-45'       SPREAD: 25-30'

ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun  

Spruce Colorado Blue
This beautiful spruce has a rich blue color. A broad, pyramid-shaped evergreen. The dense foliage needs little shearing. Excellent as a specimen, hedge or windbreak. Likes fully exposed, well drained locations.

HEIGHT: 60'             SPREAD: 10-20'

ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun  

Spruce Meyers
Similar in appearance to Colorado Blue Spruce. Hardy tree with dense, bluish-green needles. Has good form and grows on a wide variety of soils. It grows slowly the first few years after planting but once established, the growth rate is similar to Blue Spruce.

HEIGHT: 60'          SPREAD: 10-20'

ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun          

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