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Fairy Gardening - Let the Magic Happen

Step into the blooms,

Come closer and find fairy rooms.

You may just get a fleeting glimpse,

Of golden wings and tiny footprints.

Fairy dust has a tinkling sound,

Catch it as it flutters down.

For gardens whether large or small,

Are not quite what they seem at all.




Want a little magic in your life? Fairy Gardening is a great way to get some imagination and creativity flowing in your home and familiy. Fairy Gardens give you all of the fun and enjoyment of a full size garden, whithout all the time and hassle of maintaining it. They are great for all ages and are sure to bring a little bit of magic into your life! With the wide range of accessories and containers that Beier's Greenhouse offers the possibilities are endless. When it comes to Fairy Gardening, it all depends on where your imagination takes you.


If you or someone you know would like to schedule a Fairy Garden Planting Party call 218-326-5357 to set up a reservation!

What are Fairy Gardens?


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Beier's Greenhouse has a giant Fairy Garden that gets freshly planted each spring. This is how it looks this year! It has definitly turned into a Fairy Jungle!

How to Build a Fairy Garden


Step 1: Chose a container.


  • It can be big, small, glass, terra cotta, or even an old dog dish. Whatever catches your eye will work fine. Containers with drainage are best when using living plants.



Step 2: Layering your materials.


  • Add rocks, pebbles, or shells to create extra drainage. This is extremely important if your container does not have drainage holes. Next comes the potting soil. A high quality soil will keep your tiny plants looking fresh and green. You can also add a layer of sheet moss and/or pebbles, depending on where your imagination leads you.



Step 3: Choose your plants.


  • This is where the fun begins and your Fairy Garden starts to take shape. It is best to choose plants with similar sun and water requirements. Keep in mind that the plants will grow, so don't overcrowd them!



Step 4: Decorating!


  • Now to add your fairies. Beier's Greenhouse offers a wide selection of Fairy Garden accessories, including benches, bikes, gazebos, pathways, and of course, many many fairies!



Step 5: Maintaining your Fairy Garden.


  • Don't forget to water when needed. Keep an eye on the moisture level, since everything is tiny it will drink at a different pace than larger gardens and containers. Give your Fairy Garden some tender loving care and it may just grow into a Fairy Jungle!


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