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Beier's Garden Starters


In a climate such as ours; Where the growing season is somewhat short and unpredictable, we at Beier’s provide our customers with the kind of plants they need to have a successful, plentiful growing season. Beier’s garden starters are ready to grow when you put them in the ground.

Garden starters are great ways to jump start your garden. In early spring, we hand sow selected vegetable varieties to provide you with the benefit of a quicker harvest. Unlike weak plants that are grown fast in a hot environment , we acclimate the temperature of our greenhouse to produce hardier plants that do not take such a shock when planted outside.

Beier’s plants are grown with our customers in mind. Grown in the North for the Northern Gardener. 

Bean - Eureka

Early round, slim, yellow pod. Approx. 5-8" long. High Yield. All purpose.

Bean - Improved Tendergreen

Meaty with good flavor. Strong, vigorous. 16-20" bush with heavy crops. Tender, brittle pods 5-6" long. Long productive season. Great for canning, freezing or shipping.

Bean - Jade

Round- podded bush bean. Long, straight, dark green pods. Tender texture with sweet flavor. Upright bush holds pods above the ground.

Bean - Kentucky Wonder Wax (Pole)

The most popular pole snap bean. Heavy producer of smooth, straight 6" pods. Excellent flavor and texture fresh or canned. Good for freezing. 64 days.

Bean - Royal Purple Pod (Pole)

The 5" curved pods are "bright purple". They turn green when cooked. These beans are tender, crisp and good fresh or frozen. 51 days.

Bean - Strike

Delicious, tender bean 5.5" slim pods. High yields. Great for canning or freezing.

Beet - Ruby Queen

Good, cold emergence. An "All American Winner". Eat fresh from the garden. Fine grained, tender and sweet flavor. Good for canning and pickling. Free from rings in normal conditions.

Carrot - Nantes Scarlet

One of the sweetest. Bright orange color. 6-7" long. 1-1½" wide. Perfectly cylindrical. Crisp and tender with delicate flavor. Good for canning and freezing.

Corn Sugar Baby Very early and sweet with 8” long ears of sweet kernels.  Stalk grows approx. 6.5’ tall.

Corn Trinity  Early, superior eating quality with  8” long ears of sweet kernels.  Stalk grows approx. 6’ tall.

Cucumber Boston Pickling Straight and blocky in size.  Nearly cylindrical.  Open pollinated variety that is disease resistant (mosaic virus & scab).

Cucumber Sweet Delight Burpless  Vigorous mass producer of delicious burp free cucumbers.  10-12 inches long, slender and cylindrical.  Perfect for slicing!  Resists downy and powdery mildew.  

Cucumber Marketmore (Slicing) Crisp, juicy and non-bitter taste make an excellent cucumber for salads. Fruit are straight, 8 -9'' long Resistant to scab, mosaic & powdery mildew. 72 Days.

Cucumber SMR 58 (Pickling) MOST POPULAR PICKLING CUCUMBER. Heavy producer of blocky, straight fruit with crisp white flesh. Very disease resistant. Once vines are producing, pick daily. 56 Days.

Cucumber Spacemaster (Bush) Dark Green. Good Crisp Taste. Excellent in salads or as a relish. Fruit grows 7-8''x 2 1/2'' long . Short vines with no runners. 56 Days.

Dill Long Island  Herb excellent for flavoring or drying.  Grows 24-30 inches tall, yet plant stays compact.

Corn - Bi-Color Sweet & Tender

8" ears of very sweet kernels. 2 ears per stock. Stalk grows approx. 48" tall.

corn bicolor.webp

Corn - Buttergold

With superior cold soil emergence, Buttergold performs well in northern climates. The large, 7-8" ears have 12 - 14 rows of juicy, yellow kernels. Excellent for freezing. 63 days.

Corn - Bodacious

Good cold soil emergence. Adapted to northern climates. Sugary enhanced with good flavor. Excellent eating quality. 8-9" ears with 16 full rows on every ear.

Kohlrabi Early White Vienna  Mild, sweet flavor.  Tender, white, crisp flesh.  2.5" bulbs on plants 10-12" tall.

Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson (Leaf) Splendid, popular lettuce with crisp texture, delicate & fine quality. Broad, light green, frilled and crumpled leaves. Grows best in cool weather. 45 Days.

Lettuce Buttercrunch (Head) A very popular lettuce with a buttery texture. Compact head with leaves that are thick, juicy & tender. Heat resistant. Harvest over long period. 75 Days.

Lettuce Prizehead (Leaf) Rapid producer of crisp, tender and sweet green leaves,with reddish-brown edges. Makes a colorful salad. Grows best in cool weather. 45 Days.

Pea Little Marvel  Canning favorite.  Prolific dark green vines with plump well-filled pods.  63 Days

Pea Sugar Sprint (Edible Pod) Early, sweet produce. Grown on short stakes or right on the ground, Sugar Sprint has been a reliable variety that has been shown to resist powdery mildew and mosaic virus. 62 Days

Pea Sugar Snap (Edible Pod)  Superb, thick, edible pods are crisp, tender and very sweet.  Original Snap Pea.  70 Days

Pumpkin Conneticut Field Large pumpkins excellent for Jack-O'-Lanterns and for cooking. Skin is deep orange and firm. Flesh is yellow-orange and very tasty. 110 Days.

Pumpkin Pie Early Sweet, smooth-textured flesh and the flavor is standard for pies. Seed cavity is small. Stores well. Skin is deep orange and firm. 90 Days.

Radish Cherry Belle  Early variety with small, round, bright red roots with short tops.  21 Days

Radish Cherriette Hybrid  Cherry belle type radish.  Grows 2" in a diameter. 24 Days Prefers sun.

Radish Sparkler  Bi-colored globes with scarlet on the upper portion and white on the lower third.  Medium tops with white sweet flesh.  25 Days.

Rutabaga American Purple Top  Sweet flavor with fine-grained yellow flesh that cooks to bright orange.  Large 5-6" globe shaped roots are nearly round.  Great for winter storage.  90 Days

Spinach Bloomsdale Heavy yield of thick, textured, very crinkled, glossy dark green.

Squash Acorn Table Queen  Hard dark green shell, with orange yellow flesh that is sweet in flavor.  Good winter keeper.  80 Days

Squash Blue Hubbard Attractive, blue-gray fruits. Flesh is bright orange, fine grained, dry, sweet. Good keeper. 120 Days

Squash Buttercup Flesh is dry and sweet with a buttery rich flavor. Excellent baked. Good Keeper. Blossom end has a prominent "button". 95 Days.

Squash Autumn Cup Semi-Bush  Relatively early maturing buttercup squash.  Bush that is 6-7" in diameter, 4-5" tall with dark green skin and orange flesh.  Plants are semi bush and fairy compact.  95 Days 

Squash Butternut High yield of shapely, uniform fruits. Interior is solid, dry & light with fine flavor. Good Keeper. 85 Days.

Squash Spaghetti When cooked, the fibers give the squash a very distinctive strands that look a lot like orange spaghetti. The added texture makes spaghetti squash a favorite with children. 90 Days.

Squash Sunburst Good yielder of tender, rounded squash with a scallop. Appetizing yellow color. Vigorous plant. 100 Days.

Squash Black Beauty Bush like plants produce a high yield of excellent blackish green fruits. Flesh is firm with a sweet flavor. Enjoy fried, stuffed or in bread. 57 Days.

Watermelon Sugar Baby 8 – 12 lb fruit with Dark green rind. Small mottled seed. Super sweet flavor. Fine grain red flesh. Does not crack in wet weather. 73 Days.

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