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Ornamental Shrubs T - Z

Tamarix Summer Glow
Tamarix ramosissima 'Summer Glow' -- Rosy flower spikes all summer. Interesting foliage effect. One of the finest and hardiest of all Tamarix varieties. Tolerant of most soils.  Fast growing, rather open shrub.


HT: 8-10'          SPREAD: 6-8"                ZONE: 2            LIGHT: Full Sun                              

FEATURES: Blooms all summer

Viburnum American Cranberry Bush
Viburnum trilobum—A hardy shrub with large white flower clusters in late May that produce abundant scarlet berries in fall. Berries hang on into winter and provide food for birds. Dark green foliage develops an outstanding red fall color.


HT: 10-12'        SPREAD: 10-12'        ZONE: 2            LIGHT: Full to Part Sun                  

FEATURES: Attracts birds 

Viburnum Blue Muffin
Virburnum dentatum ‘ Christom’ - In the spring this plant is covered with beautiful white flowers, then later in summer clusters of rich blue berries form. Great as a low hedge or in the foundation planting.


HT: 5-7'             SPREAD: 4-6'          ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Full to Part Sun                  

FEATURES: Attracts birds   

Viburnum Compact Eurpoean Cranberry Bush
Viburnum opulus 'Compactum’—This compact plant has outstanding green foliage during the season which turns a deep red in the fall. This hardy shrub has moderate flowering in spring with scarlet fruit in fall. A desirable plant for limited areas.


HT: 5-6'             SPREAD: 5-6'       ZONE: 2            LIGHT: Full to Part Sun                  

FEATURES: Deep red foliage

Viburnum Common Snowball 

Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' -- A popular shrub, "it has the big white poofs on it." Similar look as a Hydrangea. Large, double white flowers bloom profusely in April-May. 


HT: 10-12'      SPREAD: 10-12'   ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Full to Part Sun                  

FEATURES: Profuse blossoms

Weigela Rainbow Sensation 
Weigela florida 'Kolmagira' PP20,384 -- Even before the first flowers appear, Rainbow Sensation will brighten your garden in its attractive, variegated foliage. Dense clusters of soft pink flowers bloom profusely in May. Weigela is especially well suited to urban environments where it performs beautifully with minimal Care.


HT: 3-4'             SPREAD: 3-4'    ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun                                      

FEATURES: Low maintenance

Weigela Red Prince
Weigela florida ‘Red Prince’—A very showy shrub for the landscape with its upright arching branches. This early summer blooming plant has bright red flowers that do not fade in color and are likely to bloom again in late summer.


HT: 5-6'             SPREAD: 5-6'    ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Full Sun                               

FEATURES: Re-bloomer

Willow Arctic Blue Dwarf

Salix purpurea 'Nana' -- This very attractive plant is popular for its steel-blue foliage and fine textured twigs that are purplish in the winter, adding interest in the winter landscape. Good plant for wet areas or for stabilizing stream banks. Makes an attractive hedge.


HT: 3-4'            SPREAD: 3-6'    ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Full Sun                               

FEATURES: Blows in the breeze

Willow Nishiki 

Salix integra 'Hakura Nishiki' -- A lovely small shrub with pink stems and buds that open to dappled green, pink and white foliage. Some leaves will be all white. The stems are graceful and spreading. 


HT: 4-6'             SPREAD: 4-6'    ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Part Sun                              

FEATURES: Dappled foliage

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