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Pear Trees

To bear fruit, pear trees require a pollinator. For successful pollination, plant 'Ure' with other varieties.  

Early Gold

Pyrus ‘Jefgold’- An improved seedling of ‘Ure’ pear selected for its improved vigor, chlorosis resistance and iron-clad cold hardiness. Abundant white flowers in spring produce yellow fruits on average 10 days earlier than ‘Ure’. The foliage is an attractive, glossy green.

ZONE: 2           LIGHT: Sun           FEATURES: Use ‘Ure’ as a pollinator."

Golden Spice
Pyrus ‘Golden Spice’- Medium yellow fruit lightly blushed with dull red are 1.75” in diameter. Good for canning and spicing, fair for eating. Very hardy pear. Ripens in September. Self- Sterile.

ZONE: 3        LIGHT: Sun           FEATURES: Hardy and good for canning.


Pyrus ‘Luscious’- Juicy, sweet, medium to small bright yellow fruit. Blooms early May. Tree globe shaped. Glossy green foliage, red fall color. Fire blight resistant. Can not be used to pollinate a second pear tree.


ZONE: 4        LIGHT: Sun           FEATURES: Sweet fruits

Pyrus ‘Ure’- Juicy, green-yellow fruit 2” in diameter. Good for eating and canning. Ripens in Mid-August. Self- Sterile.


ZONE: 3        LIGHT: Sun           FEATURES: Sturdy branches, good eating
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