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Perennials A


Achillea Moonshine - Common Name: Yarrow

Attractive silver-grey foliage with clusters of yellow flowers.  Conitnues to bloom all summer.

HT: 22-24"        SPREAD: 18-24"       ZONE: 3-8        LIGHT: Full Sun

Achillea Red Velvet - Common Name: Yarrow

Forms large 6" clusters of rich ruby-red flowers with creamy white centers. Continued bloom and non-fading flowers provide color all summer, remains compact with dark green foliage.

HT: 18-20"        SPREAD: 30"            ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun 

Aconitum Bicolor - Common Name: Monkshood

An old classic with unique bicolor flowers of pale blue and white hoods with intense deep blue lower petals, plants form large clumps of glossy dark green foliage. Flowers bloom on tall,  wide banching panicles forming a specatacular floral display.

HT: 38-40"        SPREAD: 18-23"      ZONE: 

Aconitum Blue Lagoon - Common Name: Monkshood

Short, compact, dark green foliage forms dense mounds with great branching habit.  Bright blue flowers that bloom lower on stalks. Great for pots!

HT: 10-12"       SPREAD: N/A             ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun- Shade

Aegopodium Variegata - Common Name: Snow on the Mountain
Rapid growing and spreading ground cover. Grows where other plants may have difficulty growing. Green and white variegated foliage with white flowers.

HT: 10-15"        SPREAD: 12-18"      ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun - Shade


Agastache Blue Fortune - Common Name: Anise Hyssop

Licorice - scented plants are drought tolerant and heat resistant. Blooms mid to late summer with an exceptionally long bloom time. Requires well-drained soil.

HT: 34-38"        SPREAD: 15-18"      ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun

Ajuga Party Colors - Common Name: Bugleweed

Very large, thick, rounded and scallop-edged leaves colored pink, white and green. Beautiful deep blue flowers compliment the foliage. An ideal choice for front of border, rock garden or container gardening. This variety is mildew resistant and performs very well even in very hot weather.

HT: 3-5"             SPREAD: 10"           ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade

Akebia quinata - Common Name: Five Leaf Akebia

A more manageable vine that grows only to the size of its support structure. Small palm-shaped leaves with purple flower clusters. Very twining habit. Good for growing on a fence or wall.

HT: 19-21'         SPREAD: N/A           ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun - Shade

Alcea Cerise - Common Name: Hollyhock

Large, cerise pink flowers with a deep purple halo. Blooms early summer to mid-summer

HT: 5-6'         SPREAD: N/A                 ZONE: 3-8       LIGHT: Sun

Alcea Fiesta Time - Common Name: Hollyhock

Stunning double cerise pink flowers with very frilly petals, more compact plants. Plant near the back of the border or along walls or fences. Blooms in summer. Bi-Annual.

HT: 3-4'              SPREAD: 12-15"     ZONE: 2            LIGHT: Sun

Alcea Halo Red & Yellow - Common Name: Hollyhock

Large bright single glowing red flowers with an attractive yellow 'Halo' in the centre of each bloom. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Makes good cut flowers. Bi-Annual.

HT: 4-6'              SPREAD: 24"           ZONE: 2            LIGHT: Sun

Alcea Powder Puff Mix - Common Name: Hollyhock

Large double and uniform individual flowers in a mixture of yellow, white, pink, scarlet, and salmon. Ideal for backgrounds or against fences. Bi-Annual.

HT: 4-5'              SPREAD: 12-15"     ZONE: 2            LIGHT: Sun



No Image Available

Alcea Single Mix - Common Name: Hollyhock

Tall, stately spikes with single flowers. Excellent for cut flower Bouquets. Ideal for backgrounds or against fences and walls. Bi-Annual.

HT: 4-6'              SPREAD: 12-15"     ZONE: 2            LIGHT: Sun

Alcea Spotlight Mars Magic - Common Name: Hollyhock

A true perennial hollyhock. Fantastic single red flowers which makes this a great addition to the cottage garden. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

HT: 5-6'              SPREAD: 24"           ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun

Alcea Radiant Rose - Common Name: Hollyhock

True perennial Hollyhock that flowers in its first year. Pink single flowers bloom on tall stalks all summer long. If you want compact bushy plants, prune them often.

HT: 5-6'              SPREAD: 24"           ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun

Alcea Queeny Purple - Common Name: Hollyhock

Compact, provides branches of continuous blooms all summer long. Double purple blooms that are 3-4" and have a larger frilly outer petal with a smaller quilted inner petal.

HT: 20-30"        SPREAD: N/A           ZONE: 2-9         LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Alchemilla Mollis - Common Name: Lady's Mantle

Low-growing ground cover. Chartreuse flowers bloom late spring to early summer and are often used as filler in bouquets.

HT: 12-18"         SPREAD: 1-2'          ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun - Shade

Allium Summer Beauty - Common Name: Nodding Onion

Very long blooming selection with large terminal clusters of lavender-blue flowers, 1½" globes atop 18" stems provide color all summer, foliage turns yellow in fall and dried reddish flower stems provide additional interest into winter, drought tolerant.

HT: 18-20"         SPREAD: 8"             ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun - Shade

Amsonia salicifolia - Common Name: Blue Star
The star shaped steel blue flowers bloom from late spring to early summer. The willow-like, glossy green leaves are 3-6” in length and turn a clear yellow in the fall. 

HT: 2-3'              SPREAD: 2-3'           ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade

Amsonia Shade Storm Cloud Hubrichtii

Tall arching stems with long narrow leaves. Delicate and graceful appearance, terminal clusters of light blue flowers bloom late spring to early summer.  Bright yellow golden foliage in the fall.  Slow growing but long lived.

HT: 30-36"        SPREAD: N/A           Zone: 4-9          LIGHT: Sun- Shade

Anemone Pamina

A great perennial for late season interest.  Deep rosy pink 2.5" double flowers top tall, graceful stems which sway beautifully in the wind.  Individual petals are elongated and daisy-like.

HT: 2.5 - 3'        SPREAD: N/A           Zone: 4-8          LIGHT: Sun- Part Shade

No Image Available

Aquilegia Cardinal - Common Name: Columbine

Hybrid valued for its more compact growth and very large sky-facing flowers, very showy 3" red and white flowers with long attractive pink spurs.

HT: 24"              SPREAD: 16"           ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Sun - Shade

Aquilegia Blue Bird - Common Name: Columbine

Attractive clumps of delicate foliage and lovely upright sky blue and white flowers above green foliage. Compact habit. Blooms late spring to early summer.

HT: 16-24"         SPREAD: 16"           ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun - Shade

Aquilegia Sunshine Yellow - Common Name: Columbine

Profuse, long-spurred flowers are a favorite of hummingbirds. Attractive planted with ferns, hostas or pulmonarias, or at the base of larger perennials such as baptisia or delphinium.

HT: 24"               SPREAD: 16"          ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Sun - Shade

Aralia Sun King

This large shrub-like perennial is grown for its bright golden foliage.  If too shady, leaves will be more lime-green.  Tiny white flowers bloom late summer and form purple berries in fall, vigorous and fast growing.

HT: 3-5'         SPREAD: N/A           ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun

Armeria Splendens - Common Name: Sea Thrift
Attractive compact habit with tufted evergreen leaves, exceptionally bright carmine rose flowers bloom over a long period in spring. 

HT: 8-10"           SPREAD: 24"           ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Sun - Shade

Artemisia Silver Brocade - Common Name: Wormwood

Aromatic, fuzzy, silver-grey foliage.

HT: 6-12"          SPREAD: N/A           ZONE: 2-9          LIGHT: Sun-Shade

Artemisia Silver Mound - Common Name: Wormwood

Most popular form and one of the best gray-colored perennials, soft silver-gray foliage forms rounded compact mounds, excellent for edging or in rock gardens.

HT: 8-10"           SPREAD: 15-18"     ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun - Shade

Aruncus dioicus - Common Name: Goat's Beard

Large, fine textured feathery blooms in late Spring. It is lovely when used at woods edge and it can provide a dense screen beneath a high canopy.

HT: 4-6'              SPREAD: 2-4'           ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Part Sun - Shade

Asclepias tuberosa - Common Name: Butterfly Flower
Flowers are long lasting and bloom early to mid-summer. Vibrant orange flowers are a magnet for butterflies and hummingbirds. Avoided by deer. Attractive seed pods.

HT: 8-10"           SPREAD: 15-18"     ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun

Asclepias Cinderella

Great for attracting butterflies. Flowers are long lasting and bloom early to mid-summer.

HT: 42-60"                                         ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Sun

Aster Alert - Common Name: Hardy Aster

One of the best reds, compact plants. Valued for their late summer and fall floral display. Plant in mass for best effect or interplant among other perennials.

HT: 12-15"         SPREAD: 15-18"     ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun

Aster Purple Dome - Common Name: New England Aster

Best medium height aster, attractive foliage is mildew resistant, very floriferous with deep purple flowers.

HT: 17-19"         SPREAD: 24"           ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun

Aster Woods Light Blue - Common Name: Hardy Aster

Attractive rust resistant foliage, compact plants, clear light blue flowers.

HT: 12-15"         SPREAD: 14-18"     ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Sun

Aster Woods Pink - Common Name: Hardy Aster

Attractive dark green rust resistant foliage, compact plants, clear pink flowers.

HT: 12-15"         SPREAD: 14-18"     ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Sun

Astilbe Color Flash Lime - Common Name: False Spirea

Brilliant chartreuse foliage in spring matures to lime green with burgundy edges. Narrow upright plumes of light pink bloom early summer.

HT: 18-24"         SPREAD: 24"           ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Part Sun

Astilbe Fanal Red - Common Name: False Spirea
Vibrant feathery plums and striking foliage. Attractive planted with bergenia, hosta, ferns or near water. Great cut flower fresh or dried.

HT: 20-24"         SPREAD: 18"           ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Part Sun  

Astilbe Look at Me - Common Name: False Spirea

Compact plants with large plumes of soft bubble-gum pink flowers accented with gorgeous red stems. Large full plumes, fragrant and a vigorous grower.

HT: 15-17"         SPREAD: 18"          ZONE: 3              LIGHT: Part Sun

Astilbe Visions in Pink - Common Name: False Spirea

Dark green coarse foliage, dense upright form with thick sturdy stems and pale pink plumes, very floriferous. Attracts Butterflies. Deer Resistant. Grows best in moist-soils.

HT: 18-20"         SPREAD: 18"           ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Part Sun

Astilbe Visions in Red - Common Name: False Spirea

Mid-Late. Dark bronze/green foliage with thick red stems, red buds open to purple-red.  Long-lasting color. Drought and sun tolerant.

HT: 12-18"        SPREAD: 12-18"      ZONE: 3-8         LIGHT: Full Shade - Part Shade

No Image Available

Astilbe Visions in White - Common Name: False Spirea

Mid-late, compact with thick strong stems, upright panicles bear pure white flowers, excellent substance and good drought tolerance. Good cut flowers. Deer resistent.

HT: 18"               SPREAD: 2-4'          ZONE: 3              LIGHT: Part Sun

Astilbe Younique Ruby Red - Common Name: False Spirea

Early, very compact foliage with upright ruby-red plumes, very floriferous, blooms early summer.

HT: 12-16"                                          ZONE: 3               LIGHT: Shade

Astilbe Younique Salmon - Common Name: False Spirea

Early, very compact foliage with upright salmon plumes, very floriferous. Upright salmon plumes, early season blooms.

HT: 12-16"                                             ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Shade

Astilbe Younique White - Common Name: False Spirea

Early, very compact foliage with clear white plumes, blooms early summer. Upright white plumes, early season blooms. Produces more flowers than foliage

HT: 12-16"                                          ZONE: 3              LIGHT: Shade

Astrantia Star of Fire - Common Name: Masterwort
Plants bloom early to late summer on tall stems with burgundy red flowers with white centers rounded button head flowers cupped with colorful star-shaped bracts. 

HT: 20"               SPREAD: 18"           ZONE: 4             LIGHT: Sun - Shade

Aubretia Whitewell Gem - Common Name: Purple Rock Cress

Silver-green pubescent foliage is carpeted with 3/4" velvety purple flowers in spring, evergreen in milder climates. Trim back after blooms have expired to keep form.

HT: 4-6"             SPREAD: 8-12"       ZONE: 3              LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade

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