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Perennials B - C

Baptisia Australis - Common Name: Blue Indigo

Strong sturdy stems and small blue-green leaves, long tapering spikes of indigo-blue pea-shaped flowers offer wonderful early summer color, long green peapods turn black in fall and winter for added interest.

HT: 3-4'             SPREAD: 29-35"       ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun  

Baptisia Australis - Common Name: Decadence Lemon Meringue

Forms an upright-vase-shaped mound of attractive blue-green foliage topped with long charcoal stems with charcoal buds and lemon yellow flowers. 

HT: 3'                 SPREAD: 30-36"       ZONE: 4-9         LIGHT: Part Sun- Sun

Baptisia Twilight Prairie Blues

Striking deep violet-purple flowers are highlighted with a bright yellow keel, these unique flowers bloom on stalks that can reach up to 32" long, very strong and vigorous plants are quick to become established producing over 100 flower spikes by the 3rd growing year.

HT: 3-4'             SPREAD: 29-35"       ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Berginia Lunar Glow - Common Name: Pig Squeak

The new leaves begin a soft creamy-yellow tone, complimenting the spikes of magenta-pink bell flowers during spring. Foliage matures to dark green then becomes red for the winter months.

HT: 10-14"         SPREAD: N/A          ZONE: 4             LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade

Brunnera Emerald Mist Common Name: Heartleaf Alkanet

Heavy silver bars connect to form a collar around the perimeter of the leaf.  Very light silver dusting over the entire leaf. Will get a light blue forget-me-not  type flower.

HT: 12-15"         SPREAD: N/A          ZONE: 3-8          LIGHT: Part Sun-Full Shade

No Image Available

Brunnera Sea Heart Common Name: Heartleaf Alkanet

An improved 'Jack Frost' with larger heart-shaped leaves with more pronounced variegation. Foliage has greater substance and is more heat tolerant. Panicles of delicate sky-blue flowers provide added color in spring.

HT: 14-16"        SPREAD: 12-24"      ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Shade

Brunnera Variegata - Common Name: Heartleaf Alkanet

Green leaves with an irregular variegated almost pure white edge, requires adequate moisture and shade to prevent leaf scorch, sprays of sky-blue flowers.

HT: 12-15"        SPREAD: 18"           ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Shade - Part Shade

Campanula Blue Waterfall - Common Name: Bellflower

Vigorous low-growing habit with sprays of stary lavender-blue flowers all summer, excellent for rock gardens where the fast growing plants form a wonderful cascading effect

HT: 8-10"        SPREAD: 12"            ZONE: 4-9             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Campanula Blue Clips - Common Name: Bellflower

This variety can be planted in front of taller plants as a border even before it blooms. Flowers of blue are like upturned bells. Used in rockeries, borders and pots. Thrives on cool, moist, well drained soil.

HT: 9-12"        SPREAD: 12"            ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Campanula Freya - Common Name: Bellflower

A hardier selection and super bloomer. Forms dense compact mounds of dark green foliage, star-shaped purple flowers bloom in terminal clusters and all along the axils of the sturdy upright stems. Excellent branching habit. Blooms earlier than other Campanula. Good cut flower, deters deer, attracts hummingbirds.

HT: 15-17"        SPREAD: 12"          ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Campanula Genti Blue - Common Name: Bellflower

Forms dense clumps of dark green foliage, profuse bloomer with large terminal clusters of blue flowers. Secondary blooms occur along the axils of the upright stems for extended summer bloom

HT: 17-19"        SPREAD: 12"          ZONE: 3-8             LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Campanula Rapido Blue - Common Name: Bellflower

1.5" Cup shaped violet blue flowers with dark green foliage. Early Bloomer.

HT: 5-7"           SPREAD: N/A         ZONE: 3-8               LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

No Image Available

Campanula Rapido White - Common Name: Bellflower

Early bloomer, great vigor and uniformity. Cup shaped, pure white flowers with dark green foliage.

HT: 5-7"          SPREAD: N/A         ZONE: 3-8               LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Campanula White Clips - Common Name: Bellflower

This variety can be planted in front of taller plants as a border even before it blooms. Flowers of white are like upturned bells. Used in rockeries, borders and pots. Thrives on cool, moist, well-drained soil.

HT: 9-12"        SPREAD: 12"            ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Canna Cleopatra

Yellow and red spotted flowers, light green foliage has hints of purple and purple under the leaves. Nice compact growth.

HT: 2-3'        SPREAD: 12-18"            ZONE: 6-9             LIGHT: Sun

Canna Pretoria

Orange flowers with green and yellow striped leaves.

HT: 3-4'        SPREAD: 12-18"            ZONE: 6-9             LIGHT: Sun

Centaurea Amethyst in Snow - Common Name: Bachelor's Button

Forms a low mound of grey-green leaves with an early summer display of shaggy flowers. Petals are white, held together by a deep purple base for a bicolor effect. A good choice for near the front of the border, in full sun to part shade. Remove faded blooms to prevent self seeding. Plants may benefit from a hard cutting back in midsummer to rejuvenate the foliage.

HT: 12-16"       SPREAD: 12-24"            ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Centaurea Blue - Common Name: Bachelor's Button

Profuse blooms of handsome blue flowers. Enjoy all summer. Hardy and drought tolerant. Fast growing. These blossoming beauties are a perfect addition to any garden. Great as a cut flower. 

HT: 12-24"        SPREAD: 10-12"            ZONE:               LIGHT: Sun

Cerastium Silver Carpet - Common Name: Snow in Summer

most popular form and one of the best gray-colored perennials, soft silver-gray foliage forms rounded compact mounds, excellent for edging or in rock gardens

HT: 8-10"        SPREAD: 20-24"            ZONE:3               LIGHT: Sun

Chleone Hot Lips - Common Name: Turtle head

This smooth plant has tight terminal clusters of pink tubular, 2-lipped flowers resembling turtle heads.  The leaves are elongate and arranged opposite each other along the stem. Blooms July-Sept.

HT: 1-4'            SPREAD: 10-12"            ZONE:4               LIGHT: Sun - Shade

No Image Available

Chleone Tiny Tortuga - Common Name: Turtle Head

This smooth plant has tight terminal clusters of white (often lavender-tinged) tubular, 2-lipped flowers resembling turtle heads. White turtlehead, a robust perennial. Its erect stems end in spikes of white flowers, the shape of which suggests a turtle head. The leaves are elongate and arranged opposite eachother along the stem. Blooms July-Sept.

HT: 1-4'            SPREAD: 10-12"            ZONE:4               LIGHT: Sun - Shade

Chrysanthemum Mammoth Lavender - Common Name: Mum  
Hardy, vigorous, and mammoth sized. Very easy care requiring no pinching, pruning, or deadheading. Requires at least half a day of full sun for best flowering. Heat tolerant. Large semi-double lavender flowers.

HT: 20-36"          SPREAD: 4'            ZONE:               LIGHT: Sun

Chrysanthemum Mammoth Red - Common Name: Mum
Hardy, vigorous, and mammoth sized. Very easy care requiring no pinching, pruning, or deadheading. Requires at least half a day of full sun for best flowering. Heat tolerant. Semi-double red flowers. Blooms a bit later than others.

HT: 20-36"          SPREAD: 4'           ZONE:               LIGHT: Sun

Chrysanthemum Mammoth Yellow - Common Name: Mum         
Hardy, vigorous, and mammoth sized. Very easy care requiring no pinching, pruning, or deadheading. Requires at least half a day of full sun for best flowering. Heat tolerant. Large semi-double yellow flowers.

HT: 20-36"          SPREAD: 4'            ZONE:               LIGHT: Sun

Clematis Abilene

A delightful pink flower with contrasting yellow anthers. As clematis Abilene's flowers mature and fade, a central deep pink stripe becomes more prominent. Can also be grown in partial shade! Blooms June and August.

HT: 4'        SPREAD: 8"                  ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Alaina

Large 5-7" flowers open deep creamy pink and fade as they mature.  The six broad petals are round and are sometimes slightly twisted.  The center has contrasting yellow anthers making a very attractive flower.  Great for containers or small gardens.  Grows well in shade.  Blooms June-July and late August/September.

HT: 4-5'        SPREAD: N/A                 ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Avante Garde

Unusual 3″ red flower with pink petal stamens giving the impression of a double flower and protruding trumpet.

HT: 10'         SPREAD: N/A              ZONE: 3                 LIGHT:Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Bernadine

Large light blue flowers with contrasting red anthers. Lots of blooms at once!

HT: 6'          SPREAD: N/A               ZONE: 3                 LIGHT:  Full Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Bijou

Small pointed ruffled petals in pale violet/mauve with slight pinkish bar. Pink tipped anthers open to a lovely rosette shape. Keeps it shape well. Nice mounding Clematis

HT: 1'          SPREAD: N/A             ZONE: 3                    LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Bourbon

Vibrant red flowers with a round shape and have contrasting yellow anthers. Ideal plant for container growing.

HT: 4-6'      SPREAD: N/A              ZONE: 3                    LIGHT: Full Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Candy Stripe

This two toned lavendar and pink striped clematis is a pretty addition to your garden. It grows to a height of 10' and blooms May-June and August. Suitable for a part shade area.

HT: 10-12'        SPREAD: 8"                  ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Cezanne

Free flowering, sky blue single flowers with overlapping petals and yellow anthers.  Vigorous and great for planters.

HT: 3-4'             SPREAD: N/A              ZONE: 3                 LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Charmaine

Rich red double, semi double and single flowers. Blooms later Spring to midsummer and again in Autumn.

HT: 6-7'             SPREAD: N/A               ZONE: 3               LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Corrine

Beautiful white petals with ruffled edges and purple centers. 

HT: 10-12'        SPREAD: 8"                 ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Crystal Fountain

Lilac blue with a fountain like center with an unusual double flower. It is compact, free and repeat flowering, also suitable for growing in a container, on trellises as well as through small shrubs. 

HT: N/A            SPREAD: N/A                ZONE: 3               LIGHT:  Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Diamantina

Free-flowering with pom-pom like blue/purple double flowers. It has many flowers on each stem and each flower last up to 4 weeks. Repeat flowering throughout the summer. 

HT: 7'               SPREAD:  N/A               ZONE: 3                LIGHT:  Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Fleuri

Deep purple flowers and an attractive contrasting flower center. The beautiful dark flowers are best when offset by a light background. It is very compact and does well in containers. Fleuri has 5” flowers and grows well in partial shade to a height of 4 feet. It blooms May thru August.

HT: 10-12'         SPREAD: 8"                 ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Giselle

Star-shaped dusky purple-pink flowers and contrasting red-purple anthers. Looks great paired with purple foliaged shrubs.

HT: 4-5'              SPREAD: N/A            ZONE: 3                  LIGHT:  Full Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Jackmani

Most popular variety. Climber for trellis. Violet –purple flowers with light beige stamens. Blooms summer to early fall. Needs good drainage. Keep roots cool by mulching.

HT: 10-12'        SPREAD: 8"     ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun

Clematis Kilian Donahue

The early flowers open ruby red at the center of the flower, fading to brilliant fuchsia and then orchid color at the edge of each petal The flowers fade to lavender with a pink bar. Its dancing white anthers are burgundy tipped. It is an early bloomer and is a great repeat bloomer throughout the summer months.

HT: 10-12'        SPREAD: 8"     ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis New Love

Lovely bush forming, self-supporting, clump forming habit that is great for small spaces.  Star shaped, indigo blooms that have narrow re-flexed petals that curl backwards. Has a lovely sweet fragrance.

HT: 30-34"         SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

No Image Available

Clematis Ninon

Produces an abundance of white flowers that have wavy edged petals and very attractive red anthers.

HT: N/A              SPREAD: N/A        ZONE: 3        LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Ramona

Lavender-blue flower with dark anthers. Blooms July, August and September. 

HT: 10-12'        SPREAD: 8"     ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Rebecca

Very large flowers that are stunningly bright red (almost scarlet) with creamy yellow anthers.

HT: N/A              SPREAD: N/A        ZONE: 3        LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Roguchi

The 2" bell-shaped flowers are intense deep blue/purple with lighter blue re-curved petals. Flowers fade to indigo-blue. This lax clinger is fragrant and very free flowering. Blooms June thru September.

HT: 10-12'        SPREAD: 8"     ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Rosalie

The first flowers are a deep, two-toned rose color.  The flowers then take on a multitude of pink shades all blooming at the same time.  The dramatic burgundy anthers add to the beauty of this clematis.  Blooms June through September.

HT: 10-12'        SPREAD: 8"     ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Samaritan Jo

Sharply pointed petals are silvery pink and edged in purple. The anthers are purple at the base with cream colored tips. 

HT: 4-5'      SPREAD: N/A  ZONE: 3              LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Sapphire Indigo

This unique clematis stays true to name with long lasting dark purple blooms that fade to deep blue. It has stunning dark purple to black anthers. It is a continuous bloomer June - September. It can be trained as a climber or grown as a shrubby groundcover with no support.

HT: 4'        SPREAD: 8"     ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Sugar Candy

Large flowers with pinkish mauve pointed petals that have a darker center bar. Contrasting yellow anthers with pinkish gray filaments.

HT: N/A      SPREAD: N/A       ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Clematis Sweet Summer Love

Thin, dark purple petals form with white spikey centers. Many flowers from spring through summer. 

HT: 10-12'        SPREAD: 8"     ZONE: 3-7             LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

Convallaria - Common Name: Lily of the Valley

arge pips guaranteed to bloom, easy to force into bloom for spring holidays or combine with planting pips for garden center sales, dainty fragrant white flowers

HT: 6-8""        SPREAD: 12"     ZONE: 2-7             LIGHT: Sun

Coreopsis Rising Sun - Common Name: Tickseed

Vibrant flowers are a favorite of butterflies and lovely in bouquets. A stunning addition to perennial or wildflower gardens with complementary perennials such as Echinacea, gaillardia, aster and phlox. Remove faded flowers for continuous bloom.

HT: 20-36"        SPREAD: 12"     ZONE: 4             LIGHT: Sun

Coreopsis Zagreb - Common Name: Tickseed

More compact and upright bushy plant with delicate fern-like foliage, bright golden-yellow star-shaped flowers all summer. Plants prefer well drained soil. Deer Resistant. Attracts Butterflies. 

HT: 15"            SPREAD: 12"      ZONE: 3             LIGHT: Sun

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