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Perennials D 

Dahlia Dracula
New series introduced in 2007, very dark foliage, deeply divided leaves are fern-like, single flowers in vibrant colors, very compact, great for containers. Makes a good cut flower.

HT: 6-12"            SPREAD: 20-24"       ZONE: 8-9            LIGHT: Sun  

Dahlia Two Tone Purple
Unusual white and purple two-toned flowers.

HT: 14-20"            SPREAD: N/A       ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun  

Dahlia GOGO Blues

These are perfect for container gardens. Large 4 to 5" flowers require no deadheading, and have thick, sturdy stems to support the large blooms.

HT: 14-20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 8-10            LIGHT: Sun   

Dahlia GOGO Pink and Yellow

Unusual pink and yellow two-toned flowers.

HT: 14-20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-7            LIGHT: Sun   

Dahlia GOGO Orange

These are perfect for container gardens. Large 4 to 5" flowers require no deadheading, and have thick, sturdy stems to support the large blooms.

HT: 14-20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 8-10            LIGHT: Sun

Dahlia GOGO Speckled Pink

These are perfect for container gardens. Large 4 to 5" flowers require no deadheading, and have thick, sturdy stems to support the large blooms.

HT:14-20"            SPREAD: N/A       ZONE: 8-10         LIGHT: Sun 

Dahlia GOGO Yellow

Bright yellow flowers.  Requires no pinching.

HT: 14-20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun   

No Image Available

Daisy Alaska Shasta
Large white flower with yellow center. 3” blossoms on Upright stems. Likes a rich, well-drained moist soil. Soil should be conditioned before planting with ground limestone, unless the soil is alkaline. Blooms all summer. Divide every third year to promote growth.

HT: 15"            SPREAD: 12"     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun 

Daisy Becky
This dwarf Black-Eyed Susan has bright yellow daisy like flowers with a dark brown center. Butterflies love it. It is an outstanding plant for at Garden’s edge or in a wildflower planting. Looks great planted with day lilies, daisies, aster and grasses. Excellent cut flower.

HT: 28-36"            SPREAD: 15"     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun 

Daisy Laspider

Pure white double flowers, fringed petals that add a full delicate appearance.  Compact plants yield large flowers. 

HT: 12-14"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun - Part Shade

No Image Available

Daisy Real Charmer

Large creamy yellow fringed flowers with deep golden centers. Strong stems and mildew resistant.

HT: 122"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Daisy Real Glory

Large pure white outer petals with large poofy golden centers. Strong, thick stems produce many flowers that last a very long time. More disease resistant than other varieties, also mildew resistant.

HT: 29"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun   

Daisy Robinson's Red

'Robinson's Red' produces scarlet-red flowers which measure 2.5 inches wide and are daisy-like with a bright yellow center.

HT: 24-36"            SPREAD: 15"     ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Sun

Daisy Rudbeckia Goldstrum
A glorious display of flowers attracts butterflies to the garden. Excellent cut flower, outstanding in the perennial garden or wildflower planting, and especially attractive planted with day lilies, asters and grasses.

HT: 24-30"            SPREAD: 24"    ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun  

Daisy Rudbeckia Indian Summer
Huge, showy, yellow daisy-like flowers with brown centers. Will brighten any landscape. Use for tall borders. Excellent cut flower.
HT: 36-42"            SPREAD: 18-24"    ZONE: 5-9           LIGHT: Sun

Daisy Rudbeckia Little Gold Star

Short and compact Goldstrum, great branching habit creats a canopy of bright golden-yellow flowers with brown button cones.  More floriferous than Goldstrum with better fall foliage.

HT: 14-16"            SPREAD: N/A    ZONE: 3-9           LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

No Image Available

Daisy Rudbeckia Rustic Colors
Large flowers on compact plants. Use in borders and for cutting.

HT: 24-30"            SPREAD: 15"     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun 

Day Lily Calico Jack

Bright yellow flowers with bold plum-red edge and eye.  Large 6' flowers with ruffled edges.

HT: 20-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade 

No Image Available

Day Lily Congo Coral

Very large double flowers bloom a beautiful coral color with hints of red and yellow. Blooms in early summer and re-blooms in mid summer.

HT: 20-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun  

Day Lily Diva's Choice

Large 6" bright pink blooms with a ruffled edge highlighted in bright yellow. Bloom heavily in early summer, then again in late summer when temperatures begin to drop.

HT: 20-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun 

Day Lily Lacy Doily

This beautiful flower has peachy pink petals with hints of apricot and yellow. Slightly smaller flower than other varieties, but it makes up for it with its beautiful colors. Re-blooms in late summer.

HT: 23-25"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

Day Lily Lavender Blue Baby

5.5' wide lavender blooms with a lavender-blue center and green throat.  Stunning re-bloomer

HT: 24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

No Image Available

Day Lily Moses Fire

Very large flowers have a bright red color with a slight yellow around the edge. This plant has beautiful double petals with a ruffled edge. Abundant buds bloom in early and late summer.

HT: 22-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun  

Day Lily Night Embers

Large double petal flowers have a deep velvet red color with a thin white line along the ruffled edge. Petals have a more round shaped edge compared to other varieties. Excellent re-bloomer.

HT: 28-30"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun 

Day Lily Primal Scream

Large glimmering tangerine orange, gold dusted blossoms have narrow, twisted, ruffled petals.  Early mid season bloom, Early July

HT: 34"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Day Lily Ruby Spider

Gigantic 9" ruby red flowers with a radiating golden yellow throat have long petals that open wide.

HT: 34"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

Day Lily Simmons Overture

Super bloomer with lavender-rose flowers and a dark purple eye and edge above a green throat.  Forms dense clumps of grassy green foliage.

HT: 24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Day Lily Stella D'oro Dwarf
Award-winning dwarf day lily, produces fragrant, dainty, gold Blooms above deep green strap-like foliage. Profuse bloomer From early to midsummer. Excellent cut flower. Plant where Soil is high in organic matter, moist and well drained.

HT: 12"            SPREAD: 20-24"     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Day Lily Stella Supreme

Early, clear lemon chiffon flowers.  More open faced flowers and a pleasing citrus fragrance, extended bloom and excellent rebloomer.

HT: 18"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Day Lily Stolen Treasure

Charming romantic pink bitone.  Blossoms are a unique blend of light and dark rose pink tones with a prominent yellow halo.  Flowers are ruffled with diamond dusted petals

HT: 26"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Delosperma Fire Spinner

Beautiful coloring combined with dark green foliage creates a gorgeous ground cover. Abundant blooms come in spring and don't stop until summer is over.

HT: 2-3"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 5-8            LIGHT: Sun

Delosperma Fire Wonder

Large flower grow upright throughout the year. Blooms from early may until frost comes. The fiery red flowers have beautiful bright yellow centers. 

HT: 6-8"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 5-8            LIGHT: Sun

Delosperma Golden Wonder

Large flower grow upright throughout the year. Blooms from early may until frost comes. The large yellow flowers have beautiful bright yellow centers. 

HT: 6-8"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 5-8           LIGHT: Sun  

Delosperma Hot Pink

Large hot pink flowers with bright yellow centers, very vigorous and fast growing plants continue to bloom all summer.  Veryheat and drought tolerant, excellent for containers or in sunny rock gardens.

HT: 6"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-8            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Delphinium Black Night

Extremely tall, colorful spikes of deep midnight blue flowers with dark bees rise above distinctively cut leaves in early summer. If the main flower stalk is removed just after flowering, the plant will likely produce secondary blooms in late summer or early fall.

HT: 5'            SPREAD: 12-15"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun   

Delphinium Magic Fountain Dark Blue with White Bee

Tall spires of dark blue flowers with a white bee.

HT: 28-36"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun




No Image Available

Delphinium Million Dollar Blue

Large spikes of semi-double to double true blue flowers.  Strong stems carry the prominant blossoms above the dark green foliage.  Very heat tolerant.

HT: 2.5 - 3'           SPREAD: N/A    ZONE: 3-7            LIGHT: Sun


No Image Available

Delphinium New Millennium Dwarf Stars

Collection of naturally dwarf delphinium that are just like their taller cousins except much shorter and will never need to be staked.  There is a mix of colors from blue, purple, pink and cream, some have contrasting central bees.

HT: 18-30"            SPREAD: N/A    ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Delphinium Pacific Giant Mix
Also known as larkspur. Produces tall spikes covered with flowers in assorted colors of blue, pink & white. Favorite perennial for backgrounds. Needs staking for support. Prefers well-drained soil.

HT: 5'            SPREAD: 12-15"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun  

Delphinium Sky Blue
Dramatic flowers, excellent cut or beautiful at the back or center of the garden. Fertilize well and stake if desired. Cut back after flowering for re-bloom.

HT: 30-36"            SPREAD: 24"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun 

Delphinium Summer Cloud Dwarf
New bi-color blue and white flowers on compact mounding plants, heat and humidity tolerant. Attracts Butterflies.

HT: 10-12"            SPREAD: 24"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

Delphinium Sweethearts Pink

Very sturdy stems give way to a large amount of flowers. Medium to light pink blooms are either double, or semi-double flowers. More heat tolerant than other varieties.

HT: 39-60"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun   

Dianthus Black Cherry Frost

Consistent, formal flowers that are rich, semi-double velvety red flowers with a fine serrated near white edge.  Flower stems are strong and produced above the silver blue foliage.  

HT: 8-10"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun   

No Image Available

Dianthus Coconut Punch

Large, fragrant double blossoms open deep red with white markings in the center of each petal.  As they mature, the white expands and red lightens, leaving a wine colored ring around each petal.  

HT: 12"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun   

No Image Available

Dianthus FireWitch

A profusion of fragrant flowers and blue-green foliage make a beautiful display in the hummingbird or rock garden, at garden’s edge or as a small-scale ground cover. Prefers an alkaline soil pH.

HT: 6"            SPREAD: 6"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun   

Dianthus Lilac Eye

These new Dianthus are more hardy than other varieties, they also have double flowers. But most importantly they bloom all summer long. Light lavender coloring on the petals with dark burgundy centers. Very fragrant.

HT: 10-12"   SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-10        LIGHT: Sun 

Dianthus Raspberry Swirl

Compact plants with narrow blue-green foliage, striking two-tone flowers of light pink with deep maroon purple centers and raspberry red edges.  very fragrant and drought tolerant.

HT: 6-8"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 5-9            LIGHT: Sun   

No Image Available

Dianthus Starburst

Cherry-red double flowers bear unique pink-white patterns on the petals.  Forms dense clumps with narrow blue-green foliage and strong stems.  Repeat bloomer with proper deadheading.

HT: 5-7"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 5-9            LIGHT: Sun   

No Image Available

Dianthus Zing Rose

Forms mats of dark green foliage with rose-red flowers

HT: 6"            SPREAD: 6"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun 

Dicentra Luxuriant Fern Leaf - Common Name: Bleeding Heart

Popular in a shade garden, Bleeding Heart prefers well-drained soil. Blue-green fern-leaf foliage with cherry-red flowers. Very hardy and heat tolerant. Plants consistently re-bloom throughout the summer. Attracts hummingbirds, deters deer.

HT: 11-13"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-8            LIGHT: Part Sun to Shade 

Dicentra Old Fashioned Pink - Common Name: Bleeding Heart

Commonly called “The Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart”. Arching stems of large pink hearts on bushy plants. These plants are gorgeous.
Favors a light consistently moist soil.

HT: 24-36"            SPREAD: 18"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Part Sun to Shade 

Dicentra Old Fashioned White - Common Name: Bleeding Heart

Arching stems of large white hearts on bushy plants. These plants are striking. Does best in partial shade. Favors a light consistently moist soil. Plants will go dormant in summer. Therefore, we suggest companion plants like Hosta

or Astilbe.

HT: 24-36"            SPREAD: 18    ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Part Sun to Shade   

Dicentra Valentine - Common Name: Bleeding Heart

Popular in a shade garden, Bleeding Heart prefers well-drained soil. A true bleeding heart that’s really red, these vigorous plants quickly form dense clumps of attractive plum-green foliage and dark red stems. Arching stems of dangling red heart-shaped flowers bloom in spring. Good Cut flower, attracts hummingbirds, repels deer.

HT: 24-30"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-8           LIGHT: Part Sun to Shade 

No Image Available

Dicentra Yellow Sulphur Heart - Common Name: Bleeding Heart

Large sulfur-yellow heart-shaped flowers on dark stems.  Attractive blue-grey fern like foliage that becomes more blue when planted in full sun.  Blooms late spring to early fall.  

HT: 12"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9          LIGHT: Full Shade to Partial Shade

No Image Available

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