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Perennials E - F

Echinacea Butterfly Kisses - Common Name: Cone Flower

Large 3" double pink flowers from compact short plants. Very fragrant blooms with sturdy stems.

HT: 12-18""            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun 

Echinacea Cantaloupe - Common Name: Cone Flower

These flowers have a very unique cantaloupe color with double blooms. When the flower first blooms there is a single row of petals, as the flower matures, it begins to form a secondary row of petals. 

HT: 24-30""            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-10           LIGHT: Sun 

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit - Common Name: Cone Flower

Beautiful color combinations on compact plants. Large flowers bloom in shades of red, orange, purple, yellow and white. More drought tolerant than other varieties.

HT: 22-30"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-10            LIGHT: Sun 

Echinacea Cleopatra - Common Name: Cone Flower
A compact yellow with strong sturdy stems. The large 3 1/2" flowers are semi-double with slightly curled petals flaring outward resembling a fluttering butterfly of the same name. Very fragrant and well-branched habit. 

HT: 15"            SPREAD: 16"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

Echinacea Delicious Candy - Common Name: Cone Flower
Glowing fuchsia pink flowers have single ray petals that are held horizontally underneath the large pom-pom blooms.  

HT: 18-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Echinacea Double Scoop - Common Name: Cone Flower
Large 4" wide fluorescent orange pom-pom flowers are supported with short strong stems.  With age, flowers take on a dark rosy pink tones.  Great for containers!

HT: 15"            SPREAD: 16"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Echinacea Firebird - Common Name: Cone Flower
Wonderful habit, compact size and charming bright red re-flexed petals.  Dark cones add to the appeal.

HT: 18"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Echinacea Green Jewel - Common Name: Cone Flower
Large 3-5" flowers with large green cones surrounded by lighter green ray petals.  Maintains color well, floriferous and fragrant, nice compact growth.

HT: 20-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Echinacea Hope Pink - Common Name: Cone Flower

Praised for their large, daisy-like flowers which appear from midsummer thru fall, after many other perennials have finished blooming, Cone flowers are a mainstay in today's garden. If deadheaded, the bloom cycle will be extended.

HT: 15"            SPREAD: 16"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun 

Echinacea Hot Papaya - Common Name: Cone Flower

First double orange Echinacea, robust grower with deep green foliage and string sturdy maroon stems, flowers open with fluorescent papaya colored ray petals that slowly droop downward exposing the bright double orange inner rays, excellent vigor. 

HT: 30-36"            SPREAD: 24"     ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Part Sun

Echinacea Julia Butterflies - Common Name: Cone Flower
A compact orange named after a butterfly of the same color, compact plants produce sturdy stems and a well-branched habit. Large 4" single tangerine-orange flowers, the color deepens as flowers mature, very floriferous. 

HT: 15-18"            SPREAD: 20"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun 

Echinacea Lemon Drop - Common Name: Cone Flower
The fully doubled, bright yellow flowers will look like a little ball of sunshine in your garden.  Great for late season interest.

HT: 18-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Echinacea Magnus - Common Name: Cone Flower

Large, daisy-like flowers with dark centers. Great in borders. EXCELLENT cut flower. Full Sun 

HT: 36"            SPREAD: 24"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

Echinacea Orange Skipper- Common Name: Cone Flower
Neon orange flowers from June to September.  A bright and sunny addition to any garden!  Compact plant perfect for boarders or massing plants.  Also great for patio or container planting.  

HT: 15-18"            SPREAD: 18-24"     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Echinacea Pink Fascinator- Common Name: Cone Flower
Bright red cherry red semi-double flowers that look like an English ladies hat with a fuzzy pink cone and horizontal ray petals.  Upright and clumping habit.  

HT: 16-18"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Echinacea Playful Meadow Mama - Common Name: Cone Flower
Giant two-toned flowers that have pink petals with white tips.  The petals are fluted on the end to add an interesting flair.  Huge red-orange center cone. 

HT: 18-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Echinacea Pow Wow White - Common Name: Cone Flower

These large flowers will not fade in the sun, and are compact with excellent branching. Blooms abundantly, and continuously throughout the summer without the need to deadhead.

HT: 18-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

Echinacea Pow Wow Wildberry - Common Name: Cone Flower
Very hardy, easy to grow, and disease resistant. Very drought tolerant. Plant in full sun, average soil. Attractive cone heads add winter interest and are good for dried arrangements. Large 3-4” flowers are deep rose-purple and do not fade. Plants are compact, exhibit exceptional basal branching for greater flower production, and blooms continuously without deadheading.

HT: 20-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun 

Echinacea Purple Emperor - Common Name: Cone Flower
A perfect mass of bright, vibrant, magenta-purple blooms form a compact sturdy plant that is excellent in the front or middle of the border.  Bees and butterflies love the colorful, numerous flowers and birds love the seed heads.  

HT: 15-18"            SPREAD: 18-24"     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Echinacea Ruby Star- Common Name: Cone Flower
Broad, horizontal petals of deeper purple-pink with a coppery-brown central cone bloom during the summer months.  Grow in full sun, but light shade can enhance petal color in hot weather.  Drought tolerant.  

HT: 24-36"            SPREAD: 12-18"     ZONE: 3-8            LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Echinacea Solar Flare - Common Name: Cone Flower
Large blooms with wide coral petals and a dark cone. Stocky with deep green leaves. Plant in full sun in soil that drains well. Remove spent flowers for continued blooming. Drought tolerant.

HT: 12-36"            SPREAD: 20"     ZONE: 4-10            LIGHT: Sun 

Echinacea Sombrero Hot Coral - Common Name: Cone Flower

Brightly colored single petaled flowers have a large brown cone, strong stems, and excellent branching. These flowers bloom nonstop throughout the summer.

HT: 22-26"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-10            LIGHT: Sun

Echinacea Southern Belle - Common Name: Cone Flower
Southern Belle has flat ray petals that stick out from the fully double, deep magenta colored cone like a formal pink petti-skirt. Has extreme vigor, amazing bloom power and a super long life.

HT: 30-36"            SPREAD: 30-36"    ZONE: 4-10            LIGHT: Sun 

Echinacea Tomato Soup - Common Name: Cone Flower

These bright orange-red flowers are the color of tomato soup. They keep their color throughout the season and bloom all summer long.

HT: 31-33"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Eryngium Blue Hobbit

Dwarf Sea Holly. Thin light blue-green leaves have thick stems and spiky buds. Adds color as well as texture to your garden. Deer resistant.

HT: 8-12"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-8            LIGHT: Sun

Eryngium Neptune's Gold

Blue thistle-like flowers are surrounded by golden-chartreuse foliage making the perfect backdrop for these long-lasting flowers.  Needs little water once established.  Perfect for rock-gardens or mixed containers.

HT: 18-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Eupatorium Baby joe

Shortest of them all, sturdy upright growth with large clusters of bright fuchsia flowers.  Flowers are very fragrant and a magnet for butterflies.  

HT: 24-30"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-8            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Fern Ghost

Frosted apple green fronds emit a ghostly white light in the shade.  Dark purple stems hold the braod fronds rigidly upright.

HT: 2-3'            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-8            LIGHT: Shade to Part Sun

Fern Japanese Painted

Highly variegated, green fronds are shaded with silver and highlighted with burgundy red, colors become more intense with some morning or afternoon sun.

HT: 14-18"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-8            LIGHT: Shade to Part Sun

Forget-Me-Not BooBoo Blue
Abundant vibrant, tiny blue flowers cover compact, bushy plants. Attracts butterflies. Best in shady rock gardens, beds or borders. Blooms mid to late spring. 

HT: 8"            SPREAD: 15"     ZONE: 5            LIGHT: Part Sun to Shade

Foxglove Cam Rose
Yields an abundance of first and second year blooms with unmatched uniformity and garden performance. This variety of Foxglove is highly recommended for gardeners who are looking for a Digitalis to plant in the sun.

HT: 4'           SPREAD: 24"    ZONE: 5            LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Foxglove Candy Mountain
Dramatic flowers attract hummingbirds. This is the First foxglove to produce upward-facing flowers. The blooms are rose-pink with a burgundy speckled throat. Very strong stems.

HT: 3-4'"            SPREAD: 18-24"     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Foxglove Dalmatian Peach

This Foxglove hybrid has strong upright stems that give way to large beautiful flowers. Very compact plant. Flowers are a soft peachy color with yellow spots. Excellent branching plant.

HT: 16-20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Foxglove Dalmatian Purple

Vigorous growing with strong upright stems and large flowers.  Very uniform and compact, rich purple flowers with spotted throats.  

HT: 16-20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-11            LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

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