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Perennials G - H

Gaillardia Arizona Sun - Common Name: Blanket Flower
Striking scarlet blooms with bright yellow tips. Blooms continuously from early summer through autumn. Thrives in hot, dry locations.

HT: 12-18"            SPREAD: 12-18"     ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun

Gaillardia Goblin - Common Name: Blanket Flower
Flowers have dark marron and gold centers surrounded by rich red petals tipped yellow.  

HT: 9-12"            SPREAD: 12-18"     ZONE: 3-9           LIGHT: Sun

Geranium MaxFrei

More compact and more floriferous then the species.  plants are fast growing and maintain attractive foliage throughout summer.  Deep magenta flowers bloom all summer.  

HT: 8"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-8            LIGHT: Sun

Geranium Orion

Larger 1" blue flowers with attractive violet veins.  Deeply divided green foliage is slightly more compact.  Good re-bloom in fall.  

HT: 18"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-8            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Geum Cosmopolitan

These beautiful flowers have a wonderful color scheme of rose, pink, and creamy white. Double petals with ruffled edges make it elegant and wonderful. The contrast of the light colors against the dark green foliage is gorgeous and they bloom all summer long.

HT: 24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-7            LIGHT: Sun

Geum Red Dragon
Forms medium sized mounds of 6-12” long pubescent lobed leaves, fully double bright scarlet flowers bloom early spring on tall branching stems, provide adequate moisture and protect from strong afternoon sun. 

HT: 16-20"            SPREAD: 18"     ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Grass Calamagrostis Avalanche

White and green stripes up and down the blade of grass. Short, upright clumping formation.

HT: 3-5'         SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Grass Beyond Blue

intense powder blue that holds it's color throughout the season.  

HT: 9-12"        SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-8            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Grass Calamagrostis Karl Forester

An upright grass up to 5’ tall with showy, feathery plumes of flowers followed by wheat colored seed heads. 2001 Perennial of the Year. 

HT: 3-4'            SPREAD: 2-3'     ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun

Grass Festuca Elijah's Blue

This grass forms short clumps that are slightly rounded in shape. Keeps its soft blue foliage all through summer.

HT: 9-11"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-8            LIGHT: Sun

Grass Panicum Northwind

This grass won the "Perennial Plant of the Year" award in 2014. It has thick, study blades of grass in a blue-green color. In late summer it forms thin blooms near the top of the foliage making it appear very vertical and formal. Very weather resistant.

HT: 4-5'            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Grass Schizachyrium Smoke Signal

Scarlet red toned in late summer.  Turns deeper red-purple in fall.  Tiny, tan seed heads appear in early fall.  Maintains strictly upright habit through fall without flopping.  

HT: 3-4'            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Gypsophila Double Snowflake
Plant Baby's Breath in full sun in light well drained soil. "Baby's Breath" tolerates most soil types, drought and heat well. 

HT: 30-16"            SPREAD: 36"     ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun

Gypsophila Summer Sparkles

Naturally forms a refined, compact, dense, uniform mound of grey-green foliage that becomes completely covered in flowers for months.  Bright white, semi-double, slightly fragrant flowers.  Does not go summer dormant.  

HT: 23-27"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Helenium Fuego

Orange Helenium with rings of yellow around the small button cone and the petal tips.  Shorter then most Heleniums, these flowers reach heights of 18-20" within the first year and 24-30" by the second year.  (If you cut them back in June-they will remain around 18-20" every year.)

HT: 18-20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

Helenium Salsa

New variety with a compact dwarf formation. Deep red flowers stay above the dark green foliage. Excellent branching plant that blooms all through summer.

HT: 18-21"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Heliopsis Burning Hearts

Dark purple stems and leaves makes this more dramatic.  Dozens of giant daisy- like golden yellow flowers with red centers will bloom from July to October.  Great as an ornamental foliage as well.  

HT: 26-30"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Heliopsis Sun Struck

Large flowers with a bright yellow color. Foliage is white, green, and very variegated. Plant forms in a very compact clumps.

HT: 14-16"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Heliopsis Tuscan Sun
Most compact Heliopsis available, more controllable in the landscape, bright yellow flowers .

HT: 12-20"            SPREAD: 20-24"     ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Sun

Hibiscus Cherry Cheesecake

Huge 7-8” wide flowers have thick, heavily overlapping petals with a ruffled, rumpled texture that helps them hold up better in the summer wind than older selections with thin petals. Since this variety is an indeterminate bloomer, it has buds all the way up the stems making it bloom for much longer than older Hibiscus.

HT: 4-5'            SPREAD: 5-6'     ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun

Hibiscus Starry Starry Night

Stunning flowers with the darkest foliage to date makes this Hibiscus a must have!  Near black, broad, maple-like leaves.  Interesting 7-8", pale pink flowers have darker pink speckling and veining.  Bright green calyxes contrast with dark foliage.  

HT: 3.5-4'            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9           LIGHT: Sun

No Image Available

Heather Calluna Vulgaris

Evergreen leaves, flowers in the summer, forms mounds. Good for ground cover, spreads well.

HT: 6-12"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-7            LIGHT: Sun

Heuchera Berry Smoothie - Common Name: Coral Bells

Delicate sprays of white flowers bloom above rosy-pink to purple-rose color foliage. This plant is durable and deer resistant. Early to mid summer blooming.

HT: 18"            SPREAD: 12-15"     ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

Heuchera Berry Timeless - Common Name: Coral Bells

Incredible ever-blooming selection that flowers for months.  A profusion of light pink flowers appear in tight wands.  Flowers age to deeper rose, drying in place on the stems.  

HT: 18-20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

No Image Available

Heuchera Blackberry Ice - Common Name: Coral Bells

Vigorous grower forms a robust clump of remarkably irridescent purple leaves with black veining.  Foliage develops a luminescent pewter overlay in summer.  Cream flowers on reddish scapes. 

HT: 20-26"            SPREAD: 12-15"     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

No Image Available

Heuchera Black Pearl - Common Name: Coral Bells

Forms a dense habit of shiny, jet black leaves with scalloped, ruffled edges and rosy purple undersides.  Keeps its intense black color even in full sun.  White flowers are help in pink calyxes.  

HT: 18-20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

No Image Available

Heuchera Blondie - Common Name: Coral Bells

Excellent for fairy gardens and mixed patio containers. Very long season of interest, can be used as houseplants, very good blooming habit.

HT: 5-6"            SPREAD: 8-10"     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

Heuchera Cinnamon Curls - Common Name: Coral Bells

Compact mound of glossy, ruffled leaves in a blend of coppery orange, red, and purple tones.  Spring color is fiery orange-red.  Grown for the beautiful foliage.  

HT: 18"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

No Image Available

Heuchera CoCo - Common Name: Coral Bells

A Terra Nova introduction, a mini 'Obsidian' with dark chocolate-black foliage, short stems of pink flowers, very long blooming

HT: 5-6"            SPREAD: 8-10"     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

Heuchera Electric Plum - Common Name: Coral Bells

New leaves emerge near black and lighten to an intense purple with dramatic black veining.  Dainty, bright fuchsia pink flowers.  

HT: 22-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

No Image Available

Heuchera Fire Alarm - Common Name: Coral Bells

Bright red foliage in spring and fall with summer foliage more brick-red.  Forms medium clumps with thick leatherly leaves, white flowers bloom midsummer.  

HT: 9-12"           SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

No Image Available

Heuchera Forever Purple - Common Name: Coral Bells

If you love purple, this one is for you!  Vibrant purple glossy foliage and fluted edges.  Very short spikes of purple-pink flowers in summer which brings you four seasons of purple!

HT: 10-12"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

Heuchera Georgia Peach - Common Name: Coral Bells

Forms large clumps with leaves up to 8" across.  Gorgeous color changes throughout the season.  Bright peach-orange spring color turns to rose by summer and then rosy-purple by fall all throughout with a silver overlay.  Creamy flowers early to mid-summer. 

HT: 14"            SPREAD: N/A    ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

No Image Available

Heuchera Lime Marmalade - Common Name: Coral Bells

Bigger than other lime-green coral bells.  Ruffled foliage, large mounding habit, white blooms late spring to early summer.

HT: 10"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

Heuchera Lime Rickey - Common Name: Coral Bells

Large bright green-scalloped edge leaves make it the perfect plant to lighten up those dark beds! Even more attractive when covered in white flowers.  

HT: 8-17"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

Heuchera Midnight Rose - Common Name: Coral Bells

It's nearly black leaves are spangled with contrasting bright pink streaks and spots.  Not good with full sun in hot summers, best in partial shade where you can enjoy the colors.  

HT: 10"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Part Sun to Shade

Heuchera Pear Crisp - Common Name: Coral Bells

Lime green to yellow foliage, deeply serrated leaves and heavily ruffled margins, tight mounding habit. Good cut flower. Deer resistant. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. 

HT: 8"            SPREAD: 12"     ZONE: 3-9           LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Heuchera Pink Pearls - Common Name: Coral Bells

Medium sized mounds of pink-orange foliage give way to wonderful pink flowers that have excellent bright color. 

HT: 15-18"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun

Heuchera Red Lightning - Common Name: Coral Bells

Electrifying dark red veins spark over huge gold leaves.  Color holds well throughout the season.  White flowers in the summer.  

HT: 10"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun

No Image Available

Heuchera Sweetheart - Common Name: Coral Bells

A new collection from Terra Nova. Excellent for fairy gardens and mixed patio containers, very long season of interest, can be used as houseplants, very good blooming habit

HT: 5-6""            SPREAD: 10-14""     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Shade

Heucherella Golden Zebra

Bright yellow foliage with contrasting wide dark-red markings along the veins.  Forms dense mounds with extremely cut leaves.  White flowers bloom spring.  

HT: 8-12"            SPREAD: N/A    ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Shade

Heucherella Sweet Tea

Villosa hybrid forming large mounds, huge cinnamon-orange leaves have darker bronze veins, bright spring foliage darkens in summer and lightens again in the fall, white flowers bloom spring. 

HT: 20"            SPREAD: 24"     ZONE: 4-9            LIGHT: Sun to Shade

Heucherella Sunrise Falls

A Terra Nova introduction, large yellow maple-shaped leaves with distinct red veins, maintains it's color all summer. A vigorous grower with a trailing habit and white flowers

HT: 6-8"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

Hosta Autumn Frost

Striking Hosta forms a medium sized mound of showy, frosty blue leaves with extra wide, bright yellow margins.  The margins lighten to a creamy white and light lavender flowers are produced in the summer.   

HT: 10-12"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

No Image Available

Hosta Brim Cup

These heart shaped leaves are small with a light green edge and creamy white centers. In late summer they give way to beautiful white flowers.

HT: 13-15"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

Hosta Brother Stefan

Large heavily corrugated and puckered leaves that are blue-green with a bright gold center.  Near white flowers are loved by hummingbirds and will appear in early summer.  Thick leaves are more slug resistant.   

HT: 20"            SPREAD: 36"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

No Image Available

Hosta Color Festival

These hostas are medium in size and have a leaf that has three colors, dark green, pure white, and yellow. They sprout fragrant purple flowers in late summer.

HT: 13-20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

Hosta Cool as a Cucumber

Vigorous, grows quick to form a showy clump of of long, tapered leaves with bright green margins and clear white centers.  Notable upright in youth, maturing into a gracefully arching mound.  

HT: 28"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

No Image Available

Hosta Elegans Blue

Large, heart-shaped heavily puckered blue-gray, pest resistant, near-white flowers on short scapes. Attracts hummingbirds. Good container plant.

HT: 29-31"            SPREAD: 48"     ZONE: 3-9           LIGHT: Full Shade to Part Shade

Hosta Empress Wu

Possibly the largest hosta ever! In high demand! The hosta everyone's talking about! It has showy pale reddish violet flowers in early mid-summer. You can use this as a species hosta, conversation piece, a border, or as a background for other plants.

HT: 39"            SPREAD: 5-6'     ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Part Shade

Hosta Forbidden Fruit

Has blue-green edges with a golden-orange center.  Thick leaves help deter slugs and hold the foliage color all summer.  Perfect for borders and containers.  Very vigorous with lavender flowers in mid-summer.  

HT: 20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

No Image Available

Hosta Halcyon

This hosta is medium in size, it has blue-green leaves that are more blue than most other varieties. Heavily ribbed thick leaves give way to purple flowers in late summer. Can also tolerate more sun than other varieties.

HT: 19-21"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

Hosta Hans

Blue-green, corrugated, puckered, round leaves with a wide, feathery white center with green jetting between the center and margin.  Pale lavender flowers.  

HT: 21"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

Hosta Humpback Whale

Forms a massive, dome-shaped mound of blue-green, corrugated, heart-shaped leaves.  Color is bluest in the spring.  Blue-green scapes carry near-white, bell-shaped flowers in early summer.  

HT: 36"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

No Image Available

Hosta Ivory Queen

Forms a majestic mound of cream to near-white leaves with broad, long lasting, blue-green margins with a dash of green.  Requires vernalizations to show proper variegation.  Pale lavender flowers.  

HT: 12"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

No Image Available

Hosta June

Smaller hosta with pointier leaves. Blue-green edges with light green centers that get lighter as the season goes on. Thick, heavy leaves sprout purple flowers in late summer.

HT: 14-16"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

Hosta Keywest

Intense gold, heart-shaped leaves adorn this very large hosta.  Bright filtered shade draws out the gold color.  Good grower, Lavender flowers.

HT: 28"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

No Image Available

Hosta Lakeside Cupcake

A smaller hosta that forms mounds that are round in shape. Blue-green leaves have golden centers in spring and fade to white in mid summer. Sprouts purple flowers in late summer.

HT: 4-6"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

Hosta Minute Man

Dark green leaves with wide, near white margins.  Pale lavender flowers.  

HT: 18"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

No Image Available

Hosta Patriot

A sport of H. ‘Francee’ with a wider, pure white margin. Has good sun tolerance. Lavender flowers. A classic. 1997 American Hosta Growers Hosta of the Year.

HT: 15-22"            SPREAD: 12-15"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

Hosta Rain Forest Sunrise

Small, slightly cupped and corrugated leaves have florescent gold centers and deep green margins, thick substance and very slug resistant. A strong grower with bright summer color. 

HT: 8"            SPREAD: 16"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun to Shade

Hosta Rhino Hide

These leaves are the thickest of any hosta measured and are the ultimate in slug resistance.  Cupped, puckered leaves have wide, blue margins and a narrow, light green center that brightens to yellow.  White flowers.  Exhibits greater sun tolerance.  

HT: 20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

No Image Available

Hosta Sugar Daddy

Large cupped blue-green leaves with white streaks and margins.  Forms dense clumps, heavy substance and pest resistant.  White flowers.  

HT: 40"            SPREAD: 24"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

No Image Available

Hosta Sunset Grooves

Small, round puckered and thick yellow leaves with a wide dark green margin.  Pale lavender flowers bloom mid to late summer.  

HT: 12"            SPREAD: 28"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

No Image Available

Hosta Sweet Innocence

Medium sized hosta with heart shaped leaves. Broad leaves have bright green centers and white edges. Sprouts very fragrant white flowers in late summer.

HT: 15"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Full to Part Shade

Hosta Volcano Island

Medium, a tetraploid sport of Paradise Island with thicker leaves and wider variegation. Upward facing yellow-green leaves with wide irregular green margins. Red petioles bleed into the leave base for added color. Red stems with purple flowers. 

HT: 15""            SPREAD: 24"     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun to Shade

Hosta Winter Snow

This Giant hosta forms large shiny leaves that are a light green color with wide white edges. Grows very fast, tolerates more sun than other varieties, sprouts pale purple flowers.

HT: 35-37"            SPREAD: 5'     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Part Sun to Part Shade

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