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Peony Duchesse De Nemours

Paeonia ‘Duchesse de Nemoures’—An early bloomer, with double creamy-white with pale yellow shadows at the center of the flower. A good cut flower, sweet fragrance. This important garden perennial is prized for its showy spring blooms.

HT: 3'            SPREAD: 2-4'     ZONE: N/A            LIGHT: Sun

Peony Karl Rosenfield

Deep red flowers blooming early-mid spring. Bushes of green foliage with large balls of blooms. Fertilize in late summer or early fall to feed new roots for next year.

HT: 24-36"            SPREAD: 2-4'     ZONE: N/A            LIGHT: Sun


Peony Primevere 

Large pure white outer petals with small yellow inner petals resembling a pom pom, very fragrant, make good cut flowers.

HT: 28"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 2-8            LIGHT: Sun


Peony Sara Bernhardt 

A late spring bloomer with very large, double, apple blossom pink flowers that are slightly paler at the edge of the petal giving it a silvery tip look. A classic favorite that’s excellent for cutting.

HT: 3'            SPREAD: 2-4'    ZONE: N/A            LIGHT: Sun


Peony Tree Houki Red

Huge showy white flowers with red flames. Develops into large woody shrubs with branching stems. They produce huge magnificent blooms in various colors. In northern climates, protect from severe winter. 

HT: 4-5'            SPREAD: 3-4'     ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun

Peony Tree Shimadaijin Purple

Huge double purple flowers. Develops into large woody shrubs with branching stems. They produce huge magnificent blooms in various colors. In northern climates, protect from severe winter.

HT: 4-5'           SPREAD: 3-4'     ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun


Penstemon Husker's Red

Deep Purple-Bronze foliage with upright stems holding beautiful white flowers. These long blooming, tubular flowers will attract humming birds to your garden.

HT: 30"          SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-8            LIGHT: Sun



Perovskia Silvery Blue            Common Name: Russian Sage

Metallic silver stems and leaves  hold beautiful lavender-blue flowers. This plant remains compact and keeps very nice form.

HT: 20"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-8            LIGHT: Sun


Phlox (Creeping) Emerald Blue

Wonderful clump-forming plants for mid-summer color with exceptional long bloom time. Plant in full sun in areas with good air circulation to prevent mildew.

HT: 4-6"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 2           LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade



Phlox (Creeping) London Grove



HT: N/A            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: N/A            LIGHT: N/A



Phlox (Creeping) Subulata Pruple Beauty

lavender purple with a darker eye

HT: 4-6""            SPREAD: N/A    ZONE: 2-9            LIGHT: Sun




Plox (Tall) Coral Flame Dwarf

New dwarf selection with coral red flowers. Compact plants produce large colorful flower heads just like the taller cultivars. Plants bloom earlier than the taller types and often re-bloom if deadheaded.

HT: 16"            SPREAD: 24"     ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun



Plox (Tall) Flame Blue Dwarf

Blue and White pinwheel flowers emerge from dark blue buds, excellent branching and mildew resistant

HT: 17"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun



Plox (Tall) Glamour Girl

This long-legged beauty stands tall, proudly showing off her large panicles of hot coral pink flowers held on dark purple stems.  Even the oldest flowers in her panicles are a beautiful shade of light coral pink. 

HT: 32"            SPREAD: 18-24"     ZONE: 4            LIGHT: Sun

Plox (Tall) Pan David White

Large clusters of fragrant flowers attract butterflies to the garden. Lovely in summer bouquets and stunning in the flower garden, planted with bee balm and ornamental grasses.
Full Sun to Part Shade HT: 40” SPACE: 24”

HT: 6-8"            SPREAD: 6"     ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun

Plox (Tall) Pan Laura Lavender

Fragrant clusters of flowers attract butterflies to the garden. Lovely in summer bouquets, and stunning in the flower garden planted with bee balm, Shasta daisy, cranesbill, daylily ornamental grasses. Remove faded flowers to prolong bloom. Mildew resistant.

HT: 36-42""            SPREAD: 24"    ZONE: N/A            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun


Plox (Tall) Pan Nicky Dark Purple

This phlox has the darkest purple flowers of all phlox varieties. Blooms from mid to late summer. Lavish flower clusters attract butterflies and hummingbirds. This variety is mildew resistant. Remove faded flowers for best display.

HT: 30"            SPREAD: 18"     ZONE: 3            LIGHT: Sun to Part Sun


Plox (Tall) Pan Red Magic

Produce spectacular colorful blooms in the border and are valued for their late season color. Beautiful dark red flowers. Grow for prolific blooms, excellent cut flowers and mildew resistance.

HT: 28"            SPREAD: 24"     ZONE: N/A            LIGHT: Sun


Plox (Tall) Violet Flame Dwarf

An exciting new dwarf series of garden phlox with large white flower clusters on short, compact plants. Plants bloom earlier and for a longer time than most garden phlox. Remove faded flowers to encourage re-blooming. 

HT: 16"            SPREAD: 12-24"     ZONE: N/A            LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade




Physalis                       Common Name: Chinese Lantern


HT: N/A            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: N/A           LIGHT: N/A




Physostegia Miss Manners

Large clumps of glossy green foliage give way to spiky pink flowers, less invasive and keeps nice clumping form.

HT: 35"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 2-9            LIGHT: Sun




Polemonium Touch of Class        Common Name: Jacobs Ladder

Compact glossy green clowers form mounds that give way to fragrant, blue flowers that last all summer long.

HT: 15"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-8            LIGHT: Sun



Poppy Checkers

Pure silky white flowers marked on the inside with deep black. 

HT: 30"            SPREAD: N/A    ZONE: 2            LIGHT: Sun




Poppy Orange Allegro

Showy long-lived perennial. Feathery fernlike leaves with brilliant flowers in June and July. Dazzling orange flowers with black eyes.

HT: 16-18"            SPREAD: 12"     ZONE: N/A           LIGHT: Sun




Poppy Plum Pudding

Beautiful bright pink petals stand erect and tall with a velvet black center.

HT: 30"           SPREAD: 18-24"     ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Sun




Potentilla Ar En Ciel

Forms large trailing clumps of dark green foliage. Large simi double orange-red flowers with dark crimson centers and narrow yellow edge.

HT: 15"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9            LIGHT: Sun




Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash

Very profuse flowering. Dusky raspberry-coral flowers Arrive in early spring to herald the strongly marked, sharply pointed, very upright foliage.

HT: 12"            SPREAD: 12"     ZONE: N/A            LIGHT: Part Shade


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