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Sagina Irish Moss Lime Green

Forms dense green mats, tiny white flowers bloom late spring

HT: N/A            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: N/A           LIGHT: N/A



Sagina Irish Moss Green Subulata

Bright golden yellow foliage forms dense mats, tiny white flowers bloom late spring...

HT: N/A            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: N/A           LIGHT: N/A



Salvia Caradonna Blue

Attractive gray-foliage sends up hearty purple flower spikes that make excellent cut flowers, fresh or dried. Great for mass plantings in the perennial garden. May re-bloom if cut back after initial flowering.

HT: 18-24"            SPREAD: 18-24"     ZONE: N/A           LIGHT: Sun


Salvia May Night

Bushy plant with striking flower spikes 

HT: 18"            SPREAD: 12"     ZONE: N/A           LIGHT: Sun






Salvia Sensation Rose

Same height and compact habit as Marcus but with vibrant rose-pink flowers, very free-flowering and excellent rebloomer, good for containers. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Deer and rabbit resistant. 

HT: 11-13"            SPREAD: 12"     ZONE: 3-8           LIGHT: Sun


Saponaria Soap Wart

Profuse, bright pink blooms cover this trailing plant. Use in rock gardens or as ground cover. Blooms in summer. Prefers well drained soil. 

HT: 8-10"            SPREAD: 20"     ZONE: 2           LIGHT: Sun



Sedum Angelina

Low growing ground cover Sedum with bright golden-yellow needle-like leaves, in fall as the weather cools the tips of the leaves turn to reddish-orange, excellent for new color, tiny yellow flowers bloom mid-summer, evergreen in milder climates. 

HT: 3-5"            SPREAD: 5-10"     ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Sun

Sedum Dazzle Berry

Giant 9" flower heads are the size of volleyballs, flower color is brilliant raspberry & visible for 300 feet away, ultra compact 7" tall smokey blue-gray foliage that is disease free & not affected by Sedum leaf scorch, earlier blooming than most other Sedums means earlier sales

HT: 6-8            SPREAD: 12-18"     ZONE: 3-9           LIGHT: Sun

Sedum Dragons Blood

Outstanding hardy alpine succulent. Deep pink flowers over slightly bronzed summer foliage. Rich burgundy red in fall. Cold-loving spreader that’s perfect for rock gardens. 

HT: 4-6"            SPREAD: 10-15"     ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Sun


Sedum Fire Cracker

Improved 'Cherry Tart' with cherry-red foliage. Superior branching habit forms dense compact mounds. 5" pink flowers clusters bloom mid to late summer. Great all summer color.

HT: 6-8"            SPREAD: 15-20"     ZONE: 3-9           LIGHT: N/A


Sedum Flaming Carpet

Colorful groundcover trio of Angelina, Blue Spruce, and Voodoo all in one plug. Great for mass plantings or for mixed garden containers. 

HT: 6-8"            SPREAD: 18"     ZONE: 3-9           LIGHT: Sun



Sedum Jade Tuffet

Incredible new introduction from Chris Hansen. Unbelievable vigor and flower production. Our large 3" plugs will produce up to 25 buds per plant. Dense clumps with narrow shiny green leaves and bright cherry-red stems. Masses of dark pink flowers smother the foliage and forms a complete canopy of blooms.

HT: 13-15"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-9           LIGHT: N/A

Sedum John Creech

This wonderful and easy-to-grow groundcover.This is not just any Sedum spurium, but a rare, small-foliaged, pink-flowered form. The small, scalloped green leaves of this weed-smothering groundcover are topped with pink flowers in the fall. 

HT: 2"            SPREAD: 4"     ZONE: 3-8           LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Sedum Lime Zinger

Thumbnail-sized leaves of lime green are each surrounded by cherry-red picotee edges. Never before has there been a Groundcover Sedum with such colorful contrasting foliage!Blooms late summer to fall. 

HT: 6"            SPREAD: 18"     ZONE: 4-8           LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade


Sedum Orange Ice


HT: N/A            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: N/A           LIGHT: N/A




Sedum Red Carpet

'Red Carpet' is prized for its red-tinged foliage which keeps its color throughout the growing season and then turns deep burgundy in fall and winter. Occasionally, deep carmine-red flowers are produced in late summer. This selection spreads a bit slower than most other groundcover type sedums, thus making it a better choice for small gardens.

HT: 3-4"            SPREAD: 12-15"     ZONE: 3-9           LIGHT: Sun

Sedum Ruby Heart                                      Common Name: Hen & Chicks

Lovely, emerald-green, succulent leaves with deep red tips form open rosettes of various size. This unique plant multiplies freely and creates exciting interest in rock gardens, stone wall crevices or other difficult sites.

HT: 4-6"            SPREAD: 5-10"     ZONE: 1-9          LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade


Sedum Sempervivum                                  Common Name: Hen & Chicks
Very low-growing rosette-forming succulent plants. Propagates by producing runners with baby plants. Very drought and heat tolerant, requiring excellent drainage. Excellent for miniature gardens, rock gardens, or for assorted patio pottery. 

HT: 2-4"            SPREAD: 6"     ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Sun

Sedum Spirit

Glossy bright green leaves produce a carpet covered with star shaped yellow flowers. Use in hot, sunny locations. 

HT: 4"            SPREAD: 18"     ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Sun



Sedum Thunderhead

The pointed, gray-green leaves of this sedum form a neat, compact mound that looks great in combination with low-growing ornamental grasses. In late summer, plants are covered with clusters of small, star-shaped white flowers that attract butterflies; they retain their ornamental appeal into winter.

HT: 12"          SPREAD: 8-12"     ZONE: 4-9           LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Sedum Xenox

Green-purple foliage in spring changes to dark burgundy with a grayish sheen by summer, clusters of reddish flower buds open to rosy-pink in late summer, good stem strength maintains its upright form. 

HT: 12-14"            SPREAD: 18"     ZONE: 3          LIGHT: Sun


Stachys Hummelo

A superb plant with textured dark green foliage and many strong, short stems of clustered, pale purple-pink flowers. Perfect for the front of the border, ground cover or containers. Remains compact and tidy over a long period.

HT: 18-20"            SPREAD: 18"     ZONE: N/A           LIGHT: Sun


Tiarella Jeepers Creepers


HT: N/A            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4           LIGHT: N/A





Tiarella Pacific Coast


HT: N/A            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4           LIGHT: N/A




Trollius Earlies of All

golden-yellow flowers that bloom earlier than other varieties

HT: 24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-7           LIGHT: N/A



Trollius New Moon

Large creamy-yellow double flowers bloom late spring into early summer. Forms attractive clumps of dark green deeply lobed foliage. Vigorous grower with strong stems.

HT: 22-24"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 3-7           LIGHT: N/A


Veronica Baby Bomb

Summer blooming plants for the sunny border. Most require very little maintenance. Forms uniquely branched flower plumes similar to Astilbe. Each plume is comprised of tightly bunched spikes of hundreds of bright blue flowers. Flowers gradually open from the bottom to the top resulting in an exceptionally long bloom time. Dark green foliage is very compact and perfect for gallon containers. Deters deer, attracts butterflies.

HT: N/A            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: N/A           LIGHT: N/A

Veronica Explosion Bi Color

Absolutely stunning two-tone violet flowers streaked with violet blue.  Forms dense plumes with masses of exploding upright spikes, exceptionial color and long bloom time.

HT: 15-18"            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4-8          LIGHT: N/A


Veronica First Lady White


HT: N/A            SPREAD: N/A     ZONE: 4           LIGHT: N/A



Veronica Royal Candles

Blooms all summer. Very low maintenance. Provides
top quality cut flowers. Makes an exciting contrast plant. Remove faded blooms to promote additional flowering. Water regularly for best display. Compact yet vigorous growth habit, spikes of deep violet blue flowers bloom all summer.

HT: 15-18"            SPREAD: 12"     ZONE: 4           LIGHT: Sun to Part Shade

Wisteria Blue Moon

Finally a hardy Wisteria that can take the Minnesota winters, Blue Moon has been reliably hardy to -40 degrees, it is extremely fast growing and bloom sup to three times a year if grown in full sun, beautiful lavender-blue flowers are borne on foot-long racemes and are sweetly fragrant. 

HT: 15'            SPREAD: 12"     ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Sun

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