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Plum Trees

To bare fruit, plum trees require a pollinator. Plant 'Toka' with another plum variety for a successful pollination.


Prunus 'P. salicina x P. nigra' — Good dessert plum. Yellow flesh, sweet and juicy. Large size, pointed fruit.


ZONES: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun           FEATURES: Large fruit


Prunus 'Burbank' x (P. salicina x 'Wolf') — A very attractive red plum with a golden blush. Sweet, juicy, yellow flesh with excellent quality. Immense sized red fruit. Good for fresh use, jam and jelly. Very hardy.


ZONES: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun           FEATURES: Large fruit


Prunus ‘Toka’—A medium-sized richly flavored variety with apricot colored clingstone flesh. The red skinned fruit is sweet and spicy tasting, great for fresh eating. Can be used for desserts and jam or jelly. Ripens in mid August. Used to pollinate other plums.


ZONES: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun           FEATURES: Pollinator for other plums


Prunus ‘Waneta’—This is one of the best plums because of its large size, sweet juicy yellow clingstone flesh and excellent red color. Its high quality makes it great for fresh eating, desserts and jam or jelly. Produces well the first year. Ripens late July. 


ZONES: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun           FEATURES: Produces well first year
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