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Climbing Roses

Henry Kelsey

Rosa 'Henry Kelsey' -- The long, limber canes of this Explorer Series rose make it a perfect climber. The disease resistant foliage is dark, glossy green tinted with burgundy to complement the large clusters of vivid red flowers, bright golden stamens, and its rich spicy fragrance. Small orange hips at the end of the season add to our appreciation. 


HT: 6-7'            SPREAD: 6-7'       ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                                

FEATURES: Re-bloomer

William Baffin

Rosa 'William Baffin' -- From June until hard frost, the thick upright canes of this Explorer Series rose are covered with clusters of up to 30 informal blooms of strawberry pink highlighted by stamens of bright yellow. Hardy, vigorous, and resistant to pests and disease, this handsome climber has small red-orange rose hips that carry it into winter.


HT: 8-10'      SPREAD: Varies   ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                              

FEATURES: Vigorous bloomer

Shrub Roses


Rosa 'CA 29' PPAF -- Exceptional hardiness combined with eye-catching blooms & bright glossy foliage. Shapely buds with yellow & red tones open to semi-double flowers of yellow, edged in a deep rosy pink. As the season progresses, the pink edging becomes more prominent and produces an incredible smoldering blend of yellow and deep pink blooms that continue until frost.


HT: 3'        SPREAD: 3'            ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                              

FEATURES: Luminescent blooms


Rosa 'Champlain' -- This Explorer rose boasts profuse clusters of dark velvety blooms which deepen at the petal tips and provide a bounty of color and a fresh light scent from spring until the hardest frosts. Autumn finds the blooms accompanied by round orange hips. Resistant to disease and insects.


HT: 3'       SPREAD: 2-3'         ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                               

FEATURES: Light scent

Easy Elegance Music Box

Rosa 'BAIbox' -- An exhibition of color, Music Box sings with double blooms of creamy yellow centers surrounded by delicate pink blends. An ever blooming mound of radiant blossoms sits atop glossy medium green foliage that is resistant to disease. An ideal accent that will bring harmony to your garden. 


HT: 36"    SPREAD: 36"    ZONE: 4           LIGHT: Full Sun                            

FEATURES: Everblooming

Easy Elegance Sunrise Sunset Rose

Rosa 'BAIset' PP16,770 -- As the name implies, Sunrise Sunset is a stunning blend, with bright fuchsia-pink petals, blending to apricot near the centers. Blue-green foliage is disease-resistant on this everblooming shrub rose. Its dense, spreading habit makes it an ideal ground cover and is also well suited to mass plantings.


HT: 2-3'     SPREAD: 3-4'     ZONE: 4           LIGHT: Full Sun                              

FEATURES: Vigorous grower

Hope for Humanity

Rosa 'Hope For Humanity' -- The deep wine red buds of this splendid Parkland series rose appear in small clusters of four to five, then open to fragrant cupped flowers of blood red that bloom continuously throughout summer starting late in June. The lustrous green foliage has good resistance to disease and joins with the flowers for a striking result. 


HT: 2-4'            SPREAD: 2'    ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                              

FEATURES: Blood red blooms

J.P. Connell

Rosa 'J. P. Connell' -- This rose grows more richly colored and prolific with each passing season. Its yellow buds appear in clusters on stiff, nearly thornless canes of yellow-green and open to lemon yellow blooms with stamens of gold. As they age, the petals fade to ivory-yellow and fill the air with an intense tea fragrance.


HT: 3-5'          SPREAD: 3'       ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                              

FEATURES: Very fragrant

Morden Blush

Rosa 'Morden Blush' --  Has beautiful pointed buds of ivory and blush that open to sweetly fragrant, high centered blooms of creamy ivory blushed with pink at the center. As they mature, the lovely flowers fade fully to ivory. Low growing, with glossy green foliage, 'Morden Blush' also provides orange-red fruit in fall. 


HT: 2-3'            SPREAD: 2-3'     ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                               

FEATURES: Fall fruit

Morden Centennial

Rosa 'Morden Centennial'-- flowers all season with especially profuse flushes of rich pink flowers at beginning and end. The lightly scented blooms appear in clusters among healthy, disease resistant foliage before being replaced by persistent red hips.


HT: 3-5'         SPREAD: 3-5'      ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                            

FEATURES: Extremely hardy

Morden Sunrise

Rosa 'Morden Sunrise' PP13,969 -- This rose has dark foliage with much improved resistance to blackspot. The creamy orange-yellow buds open to fragrant flowers with wavy petals and orange stamens. As they age, the color matures from dark orange over yellow, to light orange with bright yellow, to creamy yellow with white.


HT: 2-3'        SPREAD: 2-3'      ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                               

FEATURES: Flowers early

Winnepeg Parks

Rosa 'Winnipeg Parks' -- small clusters of deep pinkish-red and open to dark cherry pink flowers with a dark pink reverse. The slightly fragrant flowers age to dark pink backed by matte green foliage that takes on a reddish tinge in fall. With a bonus of red hips, this compact, low growing rose is a beauty. 


HT: 2-3'        SPREAD: 2-3'   ZONE: 3           LIGHT: Full Sun                              

FEATURES: Low grower

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