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Dicentra 'Luxuriant'

Dicentra (Bleeding Hearts) is an old time favorite for the shade garden characterized by dangling heart-shaped flowers in spring. Dicentra grows best in filtered sunlight in well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Plants have a tendency to go dormant in the heat of summer or if the soil becomes too dry. To help maintain summer foliage, keep soil evenly moist and provide more shade.

Dicentra ‘Luxuriant’ features deeply-cut, fern-like, grayish-green foliage which persists throught the growing season and cherry red, nodding, heart-shaped flowers carried above the foliage on long, leafless, leaning stems. This variety typically grows to 15” tall. Blooming begins in late spring. With cool weather, this variety will continue to bloom or re-bloom. ‘Luxuriant’ is deer resistant, shade tolerant, and attracts hummingbirds making it a great addition to any garden.

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