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Heuchera aka Coral Bells

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Heucheras like fertile, well-drained soils with partial sun or shade — morning sun and afternoon shade is perfect. Those are the ideal conditions, but they are fairly adaptable. However, they do not like wet or heavy soils. Another one of heuchera’s good characteristics for northern gardeners is that deer do not like them.

Heucheras are flexible design elements in the garden. They can be edger plants along a sidewalk or a standout plant in a rock garden. They look nice under trees or among other shorter perennials. They can be used to great effect in containers, providing the “filler” of the thriller, filler and spiller combos that many container gardeners seek.

Varieties offered at Beier's include: 'Autumn Leaves', 'Little Cutie Blondie', 'Little Cutie CoCo', 'Berry Smoothie', 'Galaxy', 'Little Cuttie Sweetheart', 'Lava Lamp', 'Pear Crisp', and 'Paprika'.

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