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Garden Fountains: 11 Reasons Everyone Should Have One

Eleven Reasons Everyone Should Have a Garden Fountain

Why should you include a fountain in your garden landscape design? Here are 11 reasons to get your creative juices flowing.

Flowing fountains cover background noise, turning your yard into a soothing oasis from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life. Don't forget a strategically placed bench to complete your meditation spot.

  1. The water attracts birds and butterflies, bringing these little friends into your life all summer long.

  2. Space-saving wall fountains are perfect for garden nooks or apartment dwellers. Set up a small grouping of potted plants underneath for a picture perfect retreat.

  3. Dramatic fountains serve as a unique focal point for more formal gardens. Design annual or perennial beds with a fountain in the center to introduce a variety of lines.

  4. Don't restrict your fountain to the great outdoors, buried in snow all winter. Create an indoor garden in the sunroom or a warm, south-facing window. Surround an indoor fountain with tropicals such as colorful hibiscus, fruitful lemon and lime trees, and fragrant jasmine. They'll enjoy the extra humidity from constantly running water.

  5. Turn on the romance! Outdoor lighting (solar powered, please) enhances your use of the fountain far into the evening. Cuddle up with your sweetheart and enjoy the soft sound of falling water.

  6. Garden fountains carry on an ancient tradition. Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and Romans all adorned their spectacular gardens with large water features nestled among the trees and flowers.

  7. Fountains ease depression and relax the nerves. The gentle sound and sparkling splash of water ease away negative thoughts. It's a massage for the senses.

  8. In addition to the obvious benefit of flowing water, fountains can be works of art. The solid strength of the pedestal and the broad bowl please the eye and give it a definite resting place, especially when surrounded by greenery and multicolored blooms.

  9. Your choices in fountains range from tiny tabletop tricklers to pond geysers. Choose the fountain that meets your needs, whether you want to introduce a little feng shui to your environment or impress passersby with a multi-tiered waterfall of sound.

  10. Place your fountain on a well-traveled path and gently encourage everyone to throw in a coin for good luck.

Bonus tip: Keep your fountain safe when freezing nights arrive. Drain it, of course, and remove the pump and all fittings. Allow to dry if possible and cover with a blanket and plastic to keep water and snow out. Check occasionally throughout the winter to be sure the plastic is still in place and no leaks have sprung up.

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