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For best results, plant two different varieties. All blueberries listed are hardy to Zone 3. 



Sweeter berry. High yields of large dark blue fruit.  Height: 2-3'


North Blue

Fruit is dark blue, large, and attractive with good blueberry flavor. Height: 2-3'


North Country

Sweet and mild fruit arrives earlier than 'North Blue'. Height: 2'



Aromatic, firm berry with excellent flavor. Matures 80-90% of fruit. Height: 3-4'



Most productive cultivar with firm berries. Matures later than other varieties. Height: 3-5'






Excellent for juice and jelly. Hardy to zone 3. 



Disease resistant red wine grape. Hardy to zone 4. 



Matures earlier than Beta. Annual bearer. Hardy to zone 3. 



Ripens early. Vigorous grower and producer. Hardy to zone 4. 





Honeyberries have a taste reminiscent of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and black currant. Tasty fresh, on ice cream, in pies, jams, and jellies. Must have a pollinator. All honeyberries listed are hardy to Zone 3 and grow 4-5' in height. 


Berry Blue (Pollinator) 




Cinderella (Pollinator)


Indigo Gem






Raspberries & Blackberries

June (Summer) bearing varieties produce fruit all at once on second year canes. Once berries are gone, prune out canes that produced fruit. Ever-bearing varieties produce fruit on both first and second year canes. For one large harvest, prune all canes after fruit production. For two harvests, prune second year canes after fruit production. 


Raspberry Heritage

Ever-bearing raspberry. Bears first crop of firm fruit mid-July and second crop in September. 


Raspberry Latham

Late June-bearing. Ripens over long period. 


Raspberry Thorn less



Blackberry Black Satin

June-bearing. Thorn less. 


Blackberry Bristol






June-bearing varieties produce for three weeks in early summer and send a lot of runners.

Ever-bearing varieties produce sporadically early summer through fall and send few runners.


All Star

Early season June-bearing. 






Early-mid season June-bearing. 


Ozark Beauty





Other Fruits

Cherry Nan King

Good for jams, jellies, and fresh eating. Hardy to zone 2. Height: 8-10'. 


Chokeberry Autumn Magic

Large dark berries are good for baking, jams, jellies, and wine. Hardy to zone 3. Height: 3-5'


Currant Red Lake

Produces berries in 2-3 years. Good for jams and jellies. Hardy to zone 3. Height: 3-6'


Elderberry Adams Elder

Excellent for pies, jelly, and wine.  Hardy to zone 3. Height: 8-10'. 


Gooseberry Pixwell

Produces pale green fruit in 2-3 year. Pink when ripe. Hardy to zone 3. Height: 3-5'. 


Gooseberry Hinnomaki Red

Large red fruit with outstanding flavor. Hardy to zone 4. Height: 3-5'. 


Josta Berry

Rich taste like black currant and gooseberry. Hardy to zone 3. Height: 4-6'





American Hazelnut

Produces an edible nut. Hardy to zone 4. Height: 6-8'


Rhubarb Canada Red

Bright red stems delicious for sauces and pies. Very Sweet. Hardy to zone 3. 


Rhubarb Valentine

Early stalk harvest. Vigorous yield. Hardy to zone 4. 


Small Fruit & Edibles

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