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If you or someone you love is planning a wedding keep in mind that Beier's Greenhouse offers:


  • Floral consultations

  • Bridal Shower Planting Parties

  • Wedding themed Garden Art

  • Centerpiece Arrangements

  • Many more exciting things!

Let Your Love GROW…
Go GREEN for Your Wedding!


Every bride envisions masses of beautiful flowers at their wedding. However, few know that there is an easy, cost efficient and long lasting option.

Leave cut flowers behind and reap the benefits of live plants at your wedding.


Call 218-326-5357 to schedule a consultation with one of our experts to learn more about the latest trends in using live plants at your wedding.


Centerpieces are the most popular use of plants at weddings. Making live

flowering centerpieces offers a great opportunity to spend some time with your

bridesmaids. Find cute containers and fill them with small plants. Use one large

pot at a table or multiple small pots.



Plants can be used anywhere at the reception. For an outside wedding,

display beautiful, lush hanging baskets from the tent or from shepherd’s hooks.

Potted arrangements can be used at an inside venue for centerpieces or

displayed around your reception area.


Church Decorations

Place pots at the entrance of the church. Hang baskets at the end of the pews or

put small potted plants at the end of the pews. Decorate the altar with beautiful

baskets and arrangements.

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