At this time the Online store is closed!

You may look at our products that are being added but please DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER YET

as we are not currently filling orders!!


1.) Fill your cart.

2.) When you check out please make sure to include your phone number,

date you want for pick up (if not picking up next day please note that

availability may change) and any other information under the note section pictured at right: 

3.) Once your order is received we will start picking the best product and will contact

you via email and/or phone when your order is ready.  If we cannot reach you by phone,

we will leave you a message as well as email you.

4.) Curbside pick up- We will discuss a specific spot for you to park.  When you get here we ask that you please call us at 218-326-5357 to let us know that you are in the parking spot discussed.  We will roll out your items in a cart and leave them by your car.  Once we are back in the greenhouse it is up to you to load your items into your car. Please leave cart in the spot you were in.  

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